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5 Ways to Help Soothe Baby After One of “Those Days” #BabyDove

Being a parent is so rewarding, and also tough. No one is perfect, especially parents. I know sometimes we have a picture in our head of how we want to be or are as a parent which sometimes we don’t live up to. We are all trying to do our best and make sure we do what we can to ensure our kids are happy, healthy and well taken care of! I have been a mom since 2003 and I know there have been many times I have tried to be the perfect parent. I’ve pushed myself, exhausted every ounce of my being to make sure my kids have everything they want, need and require, although that is what all moms want and strive for sometimes it isn’t realistic. At least not up to our own personal standards, am I right?

We are all real people just doing what we need to so we raise happy, healthy, kids! I have always tried to make sure everything I do and every product I use with my kids is the absolute best. As most of you know, though, there are so many products and items to choose from! Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming.

Bath time is one of those times I sometimes wonder if I am making the best decisions where my kids are concerned. That is why when Dove came out with a new line of baby products, Baby Dove, I had to jump at the chance to try all the products. As adults, we use Dove regularly so it’s no question if it’s available for our children we should use it for them as well. Right?

Do you sometimes feel a little frazzled at day’s end because your baby has just had “one of those days”? Well, that happens to me sometimes too and here’s what works for us!

5 Ways to Calm a Frazzled Baby After “One of Those Days”

  1. Warm Soothing Bath: I find after a hard day for myself settling into a nice warm bath helps heaps. When my kids have had a rough day, they too find comfort and solace in a warm bath. With Baby Dove Tip to Toe wash, settling a baby who has had a rough day helps greatly.
  2. Cuddle Time: Snuggling on the couch, or in bed watching a nice video or listening to an audio book helps settle little ones, and often I find mine can fall asleep very quickly this way.
  3. Story Time: Curling up with a good age appropriate book is a great way to calm the waters especially if your little one loves looking at the photos and cuddling!
  4. Essential Oils: Although I don’t use these often, there are many to help soothe and comfort after a long hard day!
  5. Sing a Song/Music: Goodnight lullabies work really well especially if rocking your baby. Hanna will fall asleep quickly, especially if our 9-year-old daughter sings her “goodnight you sleepy head” it’s really cute.

Find what works for you and your baby! Sometimes the simplest thing such as a bath will help soothe a little one after a long, tough day!

The new Baby Dove line up is more than just another baby line. Baby Dove has hit the nail on the head with this one. Not only is there Shampoo, Soap bars and Lotion but there is also Tip to Toe wash and wipes! Available in Rich Moisture: For Normal to Dry Baby Skin and also Sensitive Moisture: Fragrance-Free For Sensitive Baby Skin.

The Baby Dove collection goes beyond the normal washing and helps keep baby’s skin moisturized from one bath to the next.

Included in this new line of Baby Dove is:

  • Tip to Toe Wash (Rich + Sensitive Moisture) Help’s retain baby’s skin moisture and is Tear Free
  • Lotion (Rich + Sensitive Moisture) Gently moisturizes skin for 24hours
  • Baby Bar (Rich Moisture Only) Milder and more replenishing than ordinary baby soap
  • Shampoo (Rich Moisture only) Helps keep Baby’s hair and scalp moisturized
  • Wipes (Sensitive Moisture only) Gentle cleansing with instant moisturization for hands, face and bottom

Hypoallergenic and Tested by Ophthalmologists, Dermatologists, and Pediatricians. With no Controversial ingredients and no SLES, Parabens and no Formaldehyde Donors. Baby Dove has everything I am looking for in baby products.

Becoming a parent means we are responsible for making the best possible choices for our children. While not all moms agree on their choices, which is totally fine – most can agree that we all want what is best for our little ones, especially when it comes to their delicate skin.

This is why we choose this new line, Baby Dove. It is working for us, and we believe we are doing our very best for our little one’s skin. Our Hanna is 7 months old now, and I find she can be very sensitive to certain washes. Her skin is like mine. I am very picky when it comes to my own washes because I need to be and having this option readily available for our little one has me confident where I need it most: Being a mom. My husband, who is in charge of baby bath duty (since mommy gets the nursing fun) also agrees and he too thinks being confident in our choices, and feeling good about what we use with our children is a top priority.

The last thing we want to do is use a wash that won’t do what we need it to do, which is keep our little girl’s skin clean while also keeping it protected, moisturized and healthy. We have tried many different washes, and while most work really well, I never felt truly confident in my decision. We have always used Dove for our skin, why not for our baby? It makes sense, and works for us to buy what we know – and we know Dove. We trust Dove.

As parents, we all do our best. There is no right or wrong. Just what works for us. I am a firm believer in the try it ’til you got it method! After seven children I still don’t know what works for us as it’s different from baby to baby, and child to child. What works for one may not work for another, and that’s ok. That’s part of the fun, and learning we go through as we all navigate our way through this crazy (but rewarding) roller coaster we call parenting.

Feeling confident in parenting choices is something not a lot of us feel a lot of the time. It is tough and can be hard with so many differing opinions and feelings. But, if you feel confident in your own choices and beliefs you will be fine. Baby Dove, gives me the confidence I need to make sure my baby girl gets the very best. Her skin looks and feels as good as the day she was born, and I’m confident we will only grow to love this line even more as she grows.

Baby Dove will be available in drug, mass, and grocery stores nationwide this month.

What ways do you find work for you when soothing your little one after a tough day?

Available at Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Zehrs, Fortinos and Atlantic Superstore or for convenient pick up here.

Disclosure: This post is part of the and the Dove Baby #BabyDove sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

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