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Babywearing Brother

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while now you will know I am a HUGE Babywearing fan. I am also a Boba Ambassador and thrive to share knowledge about safe, and proper babywearing. Well, I just wanted to share this little story with you because not only is it adorable, but I know most of you will enjoy it as well!
A few weeks ago we were getting ready to head out to the park when Jordan who will be turning 11 on September 7th asked if he could wear Justin in the Boba. I was a little hesitant at first because Justin is turning 1 on September 9th and isn’t the smallest of little ones – but I said sure, let’s try it. Little did I know both boys would love it and probably enjoy it as much as I do.
Jordan wore him to the park, at the park and on the way home…

 How cute right?
Well, last night just after 7 Jordan and I were talking about phone cases and how his broke, he didn’t want to order one so we decided to head to the dollar store to grab him a new case. All the other kids were in bed, but I was bringing Justin with us. Jordan asked if he could babywear him again. A little shocked, I wasn’t so sure because Justin was snuggly and pretty much ready to nap himself but Jordan really wanted to and said he would be fine and of course he was. Not only did Justin smile, and bounce the whole time but he even snuggled his head into Jordan, and cuddle most of the time too… SO CUTE.

So I just wanted to post and say, not only is Babywearing amazing for Mom, Dad and Babies but also for getting siblings involved too! Jordan not only was so proud, but he also said he felt closer to Justin being able to cuddle and keep him close too. 
Babywearing is for everyone! Even if it isn’t your thing, or you don’t have babies of the babywearing age aren’t the photos cute to look at? I love seeing siblings babywearing, especially with it being one of my very own passions! Jordan is such a great big brother, I hope he realizes how much these kids all love him!