Babywearing From a Dads Perspective


Does anybody else out there want to pull their hair out whilst their toddler tornadoes the house? Child locks on cupboards keep getting unlocked and forgotten?

My solution? BABYWEAR! I have been wearing my kids ever since I can remember getting our first Boba 2G years ago! We have had many carriers throughout the parenthood journey, and trust me, there is a carrier for you!

I have recently become a stay-at-home dad and the bond it has created between my youngest Hanna and me is truly remarkable. She has recently learned how to open doors and wouldn’t ya know it, she goes right to our carrier! It hangs far enough down so she can pull it off if she works at it. I have to catch her beforehand or she’s strapped to me for the next hour at least!

Fine by this guy! For the most part I front wear H for the ease of strapping her in myself. When I am doing lunches, sweeping and mopping though, I back wear. Not only is it a great extra workout, she gets a fun snack and snuggles. And the dancing and mirror peek- a-boos?? Can’t beat a workday filled with that kind of joy.

Babywearing truly opens up a different more creative alternative to traditional pens and such. Granted we also have an indoor/outdoor playpen for Hanna as well.

Having another little girl on the way means babywearing for two! I can’t wait to have both my littlest girls strapped to me together. Luckiest man alive or what? Talk about a constant hug! I just got goosebumps! As I said in the beginning, I have had a Boba carrier and I swear by them for the last 6+ years. It is the same carrier from the get-go and it is still in perfect condition. No stretching, no fading, nothing but the incredible memories of the bonds made and love shared!

Some safety tips for using your baby carrier

My carrier of choice is Boba. Not because my wife was a Brand Ambassador for a few years, or for any other reason other than the fact that it is, for me, a perfect fit! Any reputable baby store will have no issues with you trying out multiple carriers with your baby to ensure both rider and parent are comfy.

Don’t try this alone unless you are totally comfortable doing it.
I have back worn my kids for years and have yet to strap them in on my back alone. Front carrying is easy peasy but that took tons of practice as well.

Watch videos.
Youtube and google are your friends here. If you’re having issues or just need to see the process like I need to do, there are tons of self-help videos out there for you.

If a baby’s sagging, you’re too loose!
Baby should be in a sitting position with their legs looking like an M or a “froggy position”.

Don’t forget that you need to be as comfortable and safe as the baby! If something doesn’t feel right or look right, it most likely isn’t right!

Babywearing is one of my favourite ways to bond with my kids and once you find the carrier that is for you, you are off to a whole new world of hands-free baby bonding!


  1. I love to see dads get involved like this. So many dads are scared to wear their babies or whatever, so I think it’s great that he is playing an active role like this.

  2. This wasn’t a popular thing when my kids were little. I wish I’d done more baby wearing myself. My husband and I would carry the babies around in our arms or on our hips as they got older. I’m glad there is so much more awareness about this parenting strategy.

  3. We both really wanted to do more babywearing but our little one hated it! I love your perspective though!

  4. Our youngest was not an easy baby. Baby wearing totally saved us though. It’s the only way we got anything done around the house!

  5. These are great tips for the babywearing dads. It was wonderful to read the perspective from a stay at home Dads side, as I haven’t read that one yet. I know that babywearing can be great if you have the right fit carrier for sure!

  6. I wish baby wearing would have been a thing when my girl’s were little. My husband would have been all for strapping them to his chest for a little daddy daughter bonding. These are great tips that you shared for new dads to be able to properly and comfortably baby wear.

  7. I know my husband had a bit of difficulty babywearing our grandkids recently. I should show him this chart – I believe it’s the hunched back that may have been causing the issues!

  8. Having read this I can see that I wasn’t using the right equipment because it didn’t work for me at all way back when. I assume if I’d had the right fit, I would have had an entirely different experience.

  9. Thank you for the infographic. I did not know using a carrier with the baby facing out would have negative effects. I must admit, I have tried that front facing thing several times in the past. I just wanted the baby to see what I am seeing too, especially when we are out for a walk. I will have to let friends know about it too.

  10. Baby carriers are a must have especially if you’re usually the primary caretaker for your baby and the one who takes care of the house. It’s really convenient since you can do other things while you carry your baby!

  11. I really find it so heartwarming to see baby-wearing dads. You can really see the love! Thanks for the information about front facing baby wearing. I never knew it could cause problems.

  12. My husband loved baby wearing so much. I have a bad back and he was always happy to carry along the kiddies! This one looks great!

  13. I am not a parent yet but I now see the flaws of baby wearing in the front. Yes dont be like the men in Hangover this is a good post and I love seeing men baby wear!

  14. I loved when my husband carried our children. Gave us both hands when needed and was great when we had two little ones close in age

  15. I wish I had done more babywearing with my older kids. I never really did it until my 4th and I loved everything about it. The closeness and there is no easier way to get things done when a baby is small than to have them on you.

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