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Babywearing While Pregnant: Doing it Safely

babywearingsafelyBabywearing is extremely popular with moms, dads, care givers and friends everywhere. It’s easy, comfortable and comforting to both wearer and child. I used to think people were nuts when I’d see them babywearing in photos on the web while pregnant but when I started my babywearing journey a few years ago my mind was quickly changed.

Although it may look extremely uncomfortable – it’s really not. Last week Justin wanted to go for a walk with me, but did NOT want to be in his stroller. He wanted to walk. While that is fine most days for the last 2 weeks now he has had a cast on his left leg. 2 weeks ago he was playing with his sisters in his brothers room and jumped up on Jackson’s bed which has a very hard, study wooden frame and knocked his shin in just a way to have a slight hairline break. His cast will come off next Friday but for now, I like having him off t as much as possible which lets face is – is hard for a very active, stubborn 2.5 year old.

So, I grabbed my trusty Boba and asked him if he wanted to get on my back! He of course said yes and although I love wearing him on my front, because I can snuggle him easier and give him loads of kisses – the back is the only way to go while pregnant.

When we went for our walk I was 22 weeks and some odd days pregnant. I am usually really good about getting him in the carrier myself but for this, my husband was able to help hoist him up there. He loved it, he even told me during our walk that “This is so compee mom!” without me even asking which made me feel good because I did feel a bit bad I wasn’t letting him walk!


We both enjoyed the walk, and I will say I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was for me even with a bigger belly. I couldn’t imagine fighting with a wrap so my choice in using my favourite Boba was a wise one!

Tips to Babywear Safely and Comfortably During Pregnancy:

  • Get help: If you feel like you can’t lift, or secure your little one by yourself get help! I was glad I did as I can barely reach my own back right now as it is.
  • Double Check: Double check that everything is secure and comfortable before you go off on your adventure.
  • Above or Below: I tried both securing the Boba below my belly and above. I ended up choosing above my belly as it was the most comfortable for me, and theres no way Justin would have enjoyed being as low as below my belly would have made him.
  • Wrap, Carrier or Sling?: Try them all and see what works best. I am partial to my Boba (and also ring slings) and having him on my back in the Boba wasn’t as restricting as a ring sling would be, or tons of fabric from a wrap.
  • Not Comfortable: Try to find what is comfortable, if you can’t don’t stress. Pregnancy can be so uncomfortable as it is – try again another time!

Regardless of how you choose to baby wear while pregnant the most important thing is being comfortable and making sure you are doing it safely. I used to think people were going to hurt their unborn babies by having a tight strap around their belly but that isn’t the case at all. If done properly, comfortably and confidently you can babywear throughout your pregnancy with no worries.


When not to babywear: If you are having complications during your pregnancy, or aren’t suppose to lift heavy objects: It’s best to discuss with your health care provider before heading out on a long walk or day out!

As always I just want to share this as I find it very important;


Why it’s essential to wear baby facing in:
Babies and Children facing in will get proper neck and head support, especially when younger. If seated properly, they will have their legs properly supported and will be less pressure on babies spin and thighs. It’s much more comfortable for baby and babywearer when wearing properly and helps keep baby calm and soothed during the wear.

Disclosure: Although I am a Boba Ambassador this is not a sponsored post. All opinions and views are 100% mine and true.

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