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Back to School: Working Parents Beat the Stress!


Between parent and kid stress, back to school season can just be full of a wide range of dramatics! The back to school season just brings on a case of nerves for kids and a case of having to get everything done for parents. There are many stressors that come into play when back to school season hits, but it doesn’t have to be a bowl full of chaos. Learn to implement some of these tips as a means to survive back to school season stress-free.

Establish a Routine Now
It doesn’t matter if Summer is not quite over yet, start to establish a back to school routine now so the kids are prepared for what is going to be expected come school season. Think about bedtime routines, electronic limitations and other rules you want followed during the school year. Discuss with the kids your need to ensure they practice this back to school routine now so that there is less stress for everyone in the family come back to school time.

Split Responsibilities Up in Household
Stop doing everything for your kids! Working parents have more to juggle than the typical stay at home parent who can focus 100% on raising kids and back to school needs. It’s time to step up and give the other members in your household some responsibilities. Learn to divvy up the household duties between kids and your spouse to ensure you are not stressing out when returning home from work. Older kids can make their own lunches and most kids can help with basic household chores by age 5.

Setup an Exercise Routine
Exercise is a great way to reduce stress; if you are a working parent then your stress goes beyond the four walls you call home. Try to establish a short daily exercise routine and stick to it. This will help keep your mind positive and energy high enough to stay firm with the routine and responsibility shares you set up as a means to alleviate stress.

Let the Kids Ride the Bus
As a working parent you need to think about what you can let go of. Maybe you are starting to stress out about having to pick the kids up at school or dropping them off. If you can balance the day by bringing the kids to school but having them ride the bus home; this is a great way of alleviating stress while placing some more responsibility on your kids. Certainly a win/win for all involved!

Do you work? What do you find helps ease the transition back into school?