Get The Kids Fully Prepared for Back-to-School with Staples


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Do you hear that? Listen closely and you just may hear the sounds of the school buses, the ringing of the school bells… No? Not yet? Well, guess what? Back-to-school is just around the corner! So, you’ll be hearing all those sweet sounds soon enough. I for one love back-to-school because it brings the cooler weather, comfy sweaters and back-to-school shopping! But I am really enjoying having my kids home for summer and admit, I’ll be a bit sad when it’s time for them to go back.Our first and usually only stop when we go back-to-school shopping is Staples. Staples is the top retail destination for back-to-school essentials and we are prepared for another successful back-to-school season. Oh you better believe it, we’ve done our back-to-school shopping already and we are all set to head back to school. My oldest will be heading back to high school which means his needs are a little different than the other kids. While the younger kids need pencil cases filled with pencils, erasers and colored pencils. My oldest needs notebooks, binders, papers, pens, white out and basically, all the things.

On July 25th we had the pleasure of attending the Staples Media preview which showcased all the new and exciting releases for this back-to-school season as well as some old favorites.When getting ready to send our kids back-to-school it’s important to us to make sure not only are they fully prepared to take the plunge back into that same ol’ routine but that they have the items they need to succeed. Staples is your one-stop shop for all things student living including furniture, technology, school supplies, accessories and more.I have a few friends who are sending their kids off to college this fall and I have been hearing all about the items needed. The one complaint? They don’t know where to get everything in one stop. STAPLES! Staples aims to make back-to-school shopping easy for customers by giving them the option of shopping in-store, online, on our mobile app or through the buy online, pick- up in-store option.

Choose to pick-up at your local store or store closest to your post-secondary institution to make moving into a dorm or student housing as easy as can be.Staples has everything for students of all ages, and teachers who need to replenish their desks for the season. Post-it’s, planners, stickers and desk organization is just the tip of the iceberg to make sure the start of the school year goes off without a hitch. I know my oldest isn’t exactly looking forward to heading back to high school in just a few short weeks but I’m thrilled he will be off his computer and heading back to school with his friends, and hopefully, a new attitude to learn.

While at Staples we were able to pick up everything our kids need. From pencil cases to lined paper and even a brand new backpack ( that I just may be taking ownership over because it’s way too cute! ) Staples has everything you need. It’s hard when you have multiple kids going back to school at different grade levels as you aren’t too sure what all they need. But, luckily for us, I’ve gone through all the grades with my oldest so I know some of what to expect. High school is the hardest for me because what exactly do they need?

Well, we got him a few of just about everything we could think of. Pencils, pens, notebooks, exercise books, erasers, glue and even a stack of lined paper to make sure binders stay full all year ’round. As for our elementary school-aged kids, they will be heading to school with pencil cases full of all the necessary items to set them up for success this year. Generally, they don’t require much but during the year come home needing a bunch of odd things for projects or assignments so I do stock up on a few things to make sure we are ready for whatever the year throws at us.

Luckily, Staples is close to us so if we need to get something we forgot it isn’t a big deal, we can just head over and pick it up. But, I think we are fully prepared. What do you think? This year we are making sure to arm our kids with the tools they will need to succeed. Forget about making friends, and being social – they can do that in their sleep. Preparing our kids with everything they need to feel like they can take on anything school throws at them is important to me. We can’t forget about our little kinder, Justin. He is heading into his second year of Kindergarten as a senior kindergartener. These Papermate Handwriting pencils are perfect for small hands, so those will be kept at home for him – to practice, practice, practice! See, something for everyone of all ages at Staples this back-to-school season!

Are you sending a teen off to high school for the first time this year? Sending kids to a new school, or just want to make sure they have the best possible start to the new school year? Think Staples and head on in to get everything on your shopping list and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year – back to school.


  1. It s just August 1 so i am not yet in the back to school mode yet. I do love Staples and can usually find everything. It pays to go early and avoid the rush when school starts.

  2. Hard to believe our kids go back to school soon. Our kids’ school district usually sends out a list of supplies needed during the summer, so we as parents can prepare ahead of time. Using Staples for the majority of those supplies sounds like a great suggestion.

  3. I buy all my kids school supplies at Staples. I KNOW they will have everything I need when I walk in there with my long list :)

  4. My kids start school in just two weeks and back to school shopping is already begun. I am excited to stop into Staples and check out their awesome offers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It looks like they have a great selection. I never would have thought to go to Staples for school supplies. I will have to stop by Staples to get some supplies for my niece and nephew.

  6. Totally awesome place to get everything you need especially since the supplies are also so adorable and something that the kids would love to get and use in school. I like the locker organizers as well!

  7. I agree Staples is great for back to school supplies. I also like to see what’s on the sale table – it’s always filled with great buys.

  8. Staples always has such a great selection when it comes to back to school. We always make them one of our stops for sure.

  9. That sloth backpack is everything! We always head to Staples for our school supply needs. They have the best sales and promotions before September rolls around!

  10. I know parents are happy its back to school season. My nephew is getting ready for 8th grade and I need to consider helping him get some supplies possibly from Staples.

  11. Staples is the place to be when shopping for school supplies. My last child has just finished college, and Staples has been our store of choice all these years. My sister and brother still have school age kids so I know they’ll be going there too next weekend. Oh, I love that backpack design. My niece would love to have that for her schoolbag.

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