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Beautiful Scents and Surprises With Unrivaled Candles

Candles are one of my absolute favorite things. No matter whether you decide to visit places like the Scentsy store online or you head into town to get candles in bulk, buying candles feels like such a treat, especially when you start burning them and the scent fills the whole house! I have always had an overabundance of them in my home, but when we got our parrot, we did a ton of research and found out we can’t burn candles around him. Sad, I had to figure out a way to still be able to enjoy my candles and keep our bird healthy. So, although I’d love to fill my whole house with the amazing aroma from candles I can only burn them in my bedroom in the basement or the bathroom (awesome for bubble baths!), so I’ve still been able to enjoy my candles, plus I’ve looked up some tips for burning candles during my downtime as well!

When Unrivaled Candles asked if they could send me some candles to check out of course I couldn’t say no. I have done a few posts before about candles. My favorite are candles that come with little surprises in them. Jewelry is something that companies have started to put in candles, and I love this. Unrivaled Candles sent me a 14oz Date Night and an 8oz Orange Vanilla. Along with four deliciously scented 2oz samples of Coffee Break, Oceanside, The Hunter, and Peach Cream.

I’m somewhat of a candle snob. I enjoy candles that have strong but subtle scents. I like being able to enjoy my candle for a good while, so I love long burning candles. The candles from Unrivaled have a 70-75 hour burn time for the 14oz and 40-45 hour burn time for the 8oz candles.

Both sizes I found smell amazing, and the scent lasts many burns. I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of my candles, and I have been burning them for quite a few nights.

They are also really pretty too. The glass containers are sturdy and quite heavy, and their damask design on the label makes it beautiful, and the perfect gift item too!

These glass candles come with surprises in them! My favorite part of the candles, however, I will admit I am impatient, so it’s so hard for me to wait for my candle to burn right down. It’s so worth it though. Unrivaled Candles are scented treasure candles made with a paraffin wax blend which contains jewelry with a retail value of $10 – $10,000 inside each 8 oz or larger candle (no jewelry in the 2 oz samples).

I had so much fun burning these candles, every time my kids would come down to my bedroom they would mention how awesome my room smelt! I was thrilled the first night I was burning the Orange Vanilla candle, and my husband came home from work and immediately said how amazing our room smelt and what was burning! He rarely likes anything I burn, so this was a huge success!

Of course, I got ALMOST down to the wrappers of the candles when I decided I needed to get the beautiful gold foil out to see what was in there. I told you, I’m impatient. I also had to get this post in the works, so I say it was required, right? You don’t want to hear about fantastic candles and not see what surprises I got in mine – They’d be teasing!

Date Night gave us this gorgeous White Gold Plated Silver Amethyst and Crystal size seven ring. Retail value? $69.00 which is pretty amazing to get in a candle you pay $27.50!

Orange Vanilla had this gorgeous Silver Plated Roseate Crystal size 8.5 ring stamped with 925 and has a retail value of $19.99 which is still really amazing for an 8oz candle that costs $19.50 – you get an amazing candle that smells incredible and a ring!

I was impressed. With the quality of the candles and the rings. I’ve tried many different candle companies, especially the ones with these surprises and I cannot tell you how nice it is to get cute jewelry that I would wear, and candles that last a long time. Most of the other candles came with costume jewelry that not even my girls would wear for dress up. These, are gorgeous. I am really looking forward to ordering some for myself and my daughters to see what else we may get!

This wasn’t all though. Remember the mini 2oz jars they sent me of samples? Well, I’ve only had the chance to try out 2 of them Coffee Date and Peach Cream, and I am hooked. Peach Cream should come with a huge warning label DO NOT EAT because it smells good enough to eat!

These would make fabulous gifts too. I would want to keep them myself, but I know I enjoy getting things like this for gifts and it’s a great way to have your friends try them before you buy them. You as well, order the samples, and when you love them (which you will) you can then decide which scents you like! I like this option, and it saves money in the long run too! You never know of which scents you will like, I hate getting candles in the mail and not enjoying the smells.

All-in-all I am impressed with Unrivaled Candles. I love the scents, none were too overpowering, and they last a long time. I love being able to get your money’s worth.

If you are like me and enjoy candles but also like a little surprise now and then these candles are a must try! The candles are a little pricey, but they are worth it. I often hear people ask why bother paying that much and to me it’s simple: You are paying for quality. These candles are quality. You also get a nice little surprise which is more times than not worth more than the candle or just as much, so it’s a win/win.

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What do you look for in candles when purchasing? Have you ever tried a candle with a hidden treasure inside?

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Unrivaled Candles. As always opinions are all mine.

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