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Making sure my kids are safe is and always has been my #1 priority. Now that they are all getting older and wanting to venture online to play games, chat with friends and get homework done I needed to make sure that not only was the internet content they’d be looking at safe for them to browse but also that they were safe while doing it.
I have some rules in the house but the most important rule we have when it comes to online – never give personal information or download ANYTHING, ever.
My kids don’t get to sit online and have free roam, I sit with them doing my work, planning or whatever I need to but I’m right with them while they do their thing.
Jordan being 11 gets a little bit more freedom when it comes to online. He has his own phone, facebook account, twitter and youtube he likes to follow gamers on – but he’s had plenty of years of me discussing the dos/donts of the internet and knows how to deal with anything that may happen.
Not long ago Jordan was playing an online game beside me and he said “hey mom look this person wants me to call them” I grabbed the computer and took the phone number down. I called it and got 2 young kids, I told them I’m a mom and it’s very dangerous to give out their phone number and I don’t think their parents would approve, I asked to speak to an adult and they hung up on me.
We talked about it, which is the most important thing. Being open and honest, Jordan couldn’t believe how crazy those kids were. He brought up what if we were crazy old men or women looking to cause trouble. It was a very scary situation. I ended up sending an email to the parental email that signed that child up for the game, but I never heard back. So I don’t know if they got it or not.


It is so very important to speak to your kids about Cyber Safety. Protecting passwords, never giving out personal information and avoiding strangers are so important. Kids can be fearless and get caught up in the games or chatting. I don’t think they ever really stop to think “what if” so it’s our jobs to make sure we let them know. 
My kids get 1 hour of computer time a day. None of them are allowed on social media except Jordan. He has a facebook and twitter which I strictly monitor. He wasn’t allowed these things for a very long time either. When we moved to Toronto from Kingston I signed him up for facebook which he didn’t have the password to until recently so he could keep in touch with his best friend from back home – it wasn’t until his 10th Birthday I gave him the password, and let him venture on but if he ever wanted on before that it had to be strictly with me.
Now at 11 I still monitor all messages, and everything he does. I will probably for a long while. If he ever has a problem he knows to come to me right away.
You can never be too careful online, the more kids know and understand about safety and things that can happen the less likely they will be to make poor decisions and be a bit more cautious.
Please be sure to join in September 17th for the Government of Canada’s #CyberTalk, an online Q&A which you can attend on facebook.
Get Cyber Safe is hosting #CyberTalk, two live, 30-45 minute, nationwide online discussions (one in English and one in French) featuring a moderator and a panel of parenting, youth and cyber experts. 
 Get Cyber Safe is hosting two live, 30-45 minute, nation-wide online discussions (one in English and one in French) featuring a moderator and a panel of parenting, youth and cyber experts.

 #CyberTalk is a live, online Q&A session that gives Canadian parents the opportunity to hear directly from leading experts in several fields relating to parenting and online safety.

 Topics of discussion will include keeping children safe online and on social media, what controls should be in place, and cyberbullying.
 Parenting kids in a digital age has changed the landscape. Today’s parents are concerned and often feel out of their depth when it comes to parenting teens tied to their cell phones and social media accounts.

 How do they keep them safe online? How can I tell if my child is being cyberbullied? What new apps should I know about? How do I keep my child safe on social media? These are just some of the questions you may have concerning your child and the Internet.

 See parent infographic for additional statistics on teen activity online.
 English event: Wednesday, September 17th at 1:00pm EDT

 French event: Wednesday, September 24th at 1:00pm EDT

Note: The conversation will last 30-45 minutes.
 The CyberTalk event will take place on the Get Cyber Safe Facebook page:

 It’s all virtual. Parents can view and participate in the events from anywhere in Canada, as long as they have an internet connection, of course.
Through a live Q&A session via Google Hangout on Get Cyber Safe’s Facebook page, parents can ask questions about their cyber safety concerns in two ways:

 In advance: Parents can ask their questions on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag#CyberTalk

 In advance people can rsvp to the CyberTalk on the event page:
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