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Breathe, Relax and Repeat – The holidays are over it’s time to get back to the grind! 2016 was an amazing year. But, its now 2017 and with the new year comes new and exciting endeavours. Partnerships, and ambassadorships for Six Time Mommy. Today, I’m excited to announce I am a 2017 brand ambassador with PlaytexBaby™. YAYAY! Que excitement!

PlaytexBaby™ has been a name we’ve said in our household for THIRTEEN years. So it’s a name we know, love and trust — which I hope to share and spread to you over the next ten months!

I hope to share with you why we, as a family love the PlaytexBaby™ brand and name. Why it’s always been our number 1 go-to when it comes to Feeding products, soothing, mealtime and sippy cups and also diaper pails.

I am really excited for this ambassadorship because you will be able to not only follow along with my posts here, but you can also follow along with the hashtags #ForBetterBeginnings and #PlaytexMoms and see other ambassador posts as well meaning – more advice, tips and great products to use!

Jayden at 2 weeks old – Playtex Ventaire™ Bottle

We will talk a lot about #forbetterbeginnings, but what does it mean?

Raising a happy, healthy baby is your number-one priority. Every decision you make is with your baby’s health and happiness in mind. There are so many products out there, from so many brands, that it can be overwhelming. You’d like to skip the trial-and-error process and choose products you can trust right from the start. For over 50 years, Playtex® has been committed to understanding what’s most important to both moms and babies. They work continuously with each new generation of moms and their babies to learn firsthand how they can provide the highest-quality baby products, giving moms and babies exactly what they both need for better beginnings right from the start.

Being a #PlaytexMom means the world to me because not only do I get to share with you fantastic products, they are also products I’ve personally used for 13 years and can stand behind what I post about. PlaytexBaby™ as I mentioned earlier is one of those brands that when you hear the name you know what you’ll be getting.

I am really thrilled to be in a position with Six Time Mommy to be able to speak out and share what has been working for our family, it’s a platform to be open and share our experiences and also help raise awareness surrounding products and names you may not be familiar with.

For the next ten months I’m going to get brutally honest, and share with you things that as a new mom or even a veteran mom, or mom who has been out of the game for a little bit may or may not know, and help guide you to a happy, healthy baby!

13 years ago. November 2013 – With baby Jordan, notice the bottle?

PlaytexBaby™ isn’t what it used to be, or what you may remember. It’s even better! 13 years ago I chose PlaytexBaby™ because I had it recommended to me — and I’m thankful I did. Not only was it in a single 18 year old moms budget, but it was the only bottle I was able to use and not have any issues with. It’s one of the few brands that surrounds babies I feel comfortable recommending, and putting my name out there with wholeheartedly.

Want to know what being a PlaytexBaby™ brand ambassador will bring from me in the next ten months? Well, as a mom to seven I hope to bring my experience, my advice and even some tips that will help you the mom (or dad, or caregiver) and introduce you to some products you may or may not know about. While it is my goal to share with you all things PlaytexBaby™, I want to also be here to give any wisdom I may have picked up along the way to go with these amazing products and hopefully help you along the way. If you are a first time expectant mom, soon-to-be second time mom or even a veteran with more kids than me — Maybe we can help each other?

Jayden at 1 year old – Playtex Ventaire™ Bottle

Keeping babies safe, healthy and happy is and always has been my top priority and I know PlaytexBaby™ feels the same way.

Stick around and come along with me the next 10 months on this adventure, it’s going to be a lot of fun! For more information on PlaytexBaby, visit their website at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a PlaytexBaby™ ambassador. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Congratulations on your ambassadorship! I look forward to your honest posts in the coming months. Somehow, motherhood has turned into this mythical experience that’s all magic and unicorns. It is SO not like that.

  2. Congrats on being an ambassador to a company that you really admire. I know that all the mommys out there will value your insight on the best products to you!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I am definitely looking forward to your posts and eager to share your feedback on all things baby and baby product related with my sister in law who just had a lil babe of her own!

  4. Congratulations, I love playtex baby products. We got some sippy cups sent over from the US specially when my son was a baby as we struggled to find ones here that suited him. When my daughter was born I managed to buy the same cups here yay!

  5. Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment to work with such an esteemed brand as Playtex! I have often bought their products for baby shower baskets!

  6. Playtex is such a great brand. I used so many of their products when my son was young. Congratulations on your partnership with them!!!

  7. I have never heard of this brand before (maybe because I don’t have children YET). That’s awesome that you’re an ambassador! Good luck to you.

  8. Congrats on becoming a brand ambassador!! Even though I don’t have kids, I still recognize that Playtext is a great brand! Wishing you all the best in these upcoming months!

  9. What an awesome ambassadorship! Congrats! Playtex is a great brand all moms know and trust! I myself use their bottles A LOT with my 2 babies!

  10. Congrats on this new exciting collaboration!! It seems like such a natural extension of your brand and I’m so happy that you are gonna me amongst those lucky moms promoting the brand! Congrats!

  11. Wow, congratulations of your ambassadorship! Glad that you’ve gotten associated with a brand that believes in keeping babies safe, healthy and happy!!.

  12. They picked the perfect ambassador! Congratulations and I’m sure this will be an awesome partnership. I can’t wait to see the products that you’re going to be featuring!

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