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Tips for Throwing a Birthday Party on the Cheap

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Birthday parties are never cheap which is why we never have them. Well, that and growing up my mom never really had the money to do much for me for my Birthday which I actually grew up respecting because she would either buy me a cake or make me one and I’d get one gift that I really wanted plus the dinner of my choice. This is something I have been doing with my kids for many years and although I love it and will continue to do just that, I did have a little special party for Ava this past summer. She was turning eleven years old and has been feeling a little left out because Kyla her sister is a year older and can do a few more things that she can’t yet. She just deserved a little party so that’s what we did! I will, however, say I spent the most money on the cake, that is where the money went for the party. Everything else? Amazon and Dollar Tree.

What to buy at the Dollar Store to make an amazing party on the cheap:

All of these items I bought at the dollar tree here which is $1.25 per item (in the US everything in Dollar Tree is $1!)

  • Snacks – Chips, Cheesies, Cracker Tray, Veggie Straws, Candy
  • Party supplies – Cups, Plates, Napkins
  • Table Cloth – They have such a variety and we were doing emoji – they had it!
  • Drinks – We got Arnold Palmers, Iced Tea and some 2L colas
  • Balloons – I was able to get Emoji balloons as well as two 1 balloons (to make 11)

What to buy on Amazon to get the best deal for your party:

  • Extra decorations – I couldn’t find themed ones I wanted such as a banner and table decorations so I got these.
  • Party favors – I bought THIS bag of 80 pieces and I was able to fill up all the goodie bags!

What else do you need to make a killer party on the cheap? These items made it all it was:

  • Cake – we did a Dairy Queen Emoji Ice Cream cake
  • BBQ – We did a BBQ and had hot dogs and hamburgers.
  • Treat bags – AMAZING treat bags we got from Mabel’s Labels (comes with themed stickers, name stickers, and a metal tag – these were provided to me for inclusion in this post)

All in all, we spent under $100 for her party, and she LOVED it. She felt so special and was so appreciative of her party. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and luckily we didn’t invite a ton of classmates because it was in the summer and she was about to start a new school but my friend came over with her 5 kids which made it 110% less stressful for me, and her, and we were all able to just hang out and enjoy ourselves.

Do you throw birthday parties? did you have them when you were growing up? Share your traditions below!

Tips for Throwing a Birthday Party on the Cheap

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