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Blaze Pizza Toronto

Blaze Pizza Toronto - sixtimemommy.comOn October 8th, 2015 Blaze Pizza open it’s doors in Toronto – Dundas Square. I received an e-mail shortly before the Grand Opening inviting me to come for their Grand Opening day (10/08) and their Free Pizza Day (10/09) sadly I couldn’t make it to either one but the concept of Blaze Pizza really sparked my attention and Although I couldn’t make those 2 dates they so kindly offered to send me some free pizza passes for me to go when I could.

So many things kept popping up like appointments, trips to the hospital, and other things so I wasn’t able to go until this past Tuesday (11/24) and although it took me a bit to get there I am SO glad I did.

What is Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is a modern day “pizza joint” that has been inspiring excitement and cultivating fanatics for its custom-built artisanal pizzas, freshly made salads, blood orange lemonade and s’more pies since it opened its first location in Irvine, California in 2012. Each restaurant features an interactive open-kitchen format that allows guests to customize one of the menu’s signature pizzas or create their own, choosing from a wide selection of carefully sourced ingredients – all for a very affordable price. This customization feature was really handy, it meant that everyone could get the exact pizza that they wanted. This interactive feature is becoming more and more popular in restaurants. Lately, a lot of restaurants have been using restaurant pos systems to help them increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Some POS systems allow customers to order themselves, whilst other restaurants might prefer tableside ordering. This is normally up to the restaurant, but these POS systems can really help them to operate more effectively. The POS system in this restaurant did allow us to order ourselves, which meant that we could order straight away. The generously-sized personal pizzas are then sent to a blazing hot open-flame oven – the centerpiece of the restaurant – where dedicated pizzasmiths ensure that the thin-crust pies are fast-fire’d and ready to eat in just 180 seconds.

The first Blaze Pizza® restaurant opened on Aug. 6, 2012, in Irvine, Calif., and quickly gained attention for its chef-driven recipes, thoughtful interior design, and a service culture that celebrates individuality. Now ranked as the overall #2 fast-casual brand in’s annual Top 100 list, Blaze Pizza is building momentum and developing a cult-like following as it expands across the U.S. and beyond. The company currently operates 88 restaurants in 21 states and the District of Columbia, including the major metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and Washington D.C. Founded by Elise and Rick Wetzel (co-founder of Wetzel’s Pretzels), the concept is backed by investors including LeBron James, Maria Shriver, Boston Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner and movie producer John Davis. For more information, please visit and

Our Experience

We headed into Blaze Pizza and arrived just after 11am (they open at 11a) we were the second people in line. When we walked up we were greeted by the girl behind the counter, she asked if we’d ever been there before, I told her no and she asked if we’d like her to explain to us how it works. Of course we did, and with a brief explanation, we were ready to make our order. I needed to take photos for this post so my husband quickly explained I’m a blogger and was doing a post on Blaze and asked if it was ok to do photos, the people behind the counter said sure and I snapped away.










I know Blaze Pizza only just opened but the place was very clean and I like how you have to ask for the bathroom keys – Keeps people who aren’t actually dining in from going in and messing it up. The tables were great we found one that fit all 5 of us that went (Husband, Kyla, Jordan and Justin plus myself!) and we all got to order what we wanted on our own pizzas.

I am very lame when it comes to pizza. I enjoy a plain cheese, mostly because of my gallbladder but also because I’m super picky. My husband on the other hand got his pizza loaded. He ordered the Make Your Own and did he ever.





His pizza looks amazing right? Well, it was. Here is the final photo of it, he loved it and is ready to go back for more!

blaze13He had just about everything on it too, he had: Traditional pizza sauce, White cream sauce, Spinach, Pepperoni, Honey smoked ham, Apple-wood bacon, Mozzarella, Goat cheese and Gorgonzola cheese, Roasted garlic, Pineapple, Red onion, Mushrooms and Sea salt.

Now for the rest of our pizzas. Justin was napping so I saved him 2 slices of mine for when he woke up. Kyla and I got plain cheese and Jordan got cheese and pepperoni…

blaze14Kyla & Jordan’s

blaze15Mine & My husbands – delicious, right?

I can’t say enough how enjoyable our experience was. Not only was the food absolutely amazing and I craved it for a few days after having it – but the staff was really polite, helpful, upbeat and very friendly. I can’t tell you how many establishments I’ve gone to in Toronto with the complete opposite feeling, and the vibe isn’t good for anyone. We had a blast at Blaze Pizza and I cannot wait to go again!

blaze20The pizzas are a great size too we all had leftovers to take home. Which they have a shelf set up for you to go grab your own take out box, and put your own food in! I loved that, doesn’t bother the workers and we can go at our own pace which is so helpful if you have kids and are in a rush!

I made sure to take a photo of the dessert they offer, S’Mores Pie. Which I didn’t try and I’m now kicking myself for not trying at least one!

blazesmoresI’m sure they are just as delicious as the pizzas. Overall I will say, we all enjoyed our visit to Blaze Pizza. It’s location is great right in the heart of Dundas Square, the prices are exceptional and the pizza? Well, it is probably one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had and pizza? Is one of my all time favorites. I love my pizzas with a thin crust and they delivered. The sauce is amazing – not too tangy, or salty like some other pizza joints but this pizza was nothing I’d ever had before and mine was just plain cheese, my husband? had no words to describe his pizza. That guy knows his foods too. Well done Blaze Pizza! I’m looking forward to seeing just how far this service will develop, perhaps they will use a pizza delivery app to make the service even easier for their customers? Welcome to Toronto and more importantly Canada! We can’t wait to see your business grow!

Big thank you to Blaze Pizza for having us! We really enjoyed!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given pizza passes complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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