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BobaAir Review

As many of you know I love Babywearing. I have used Boba for 3 years now and I absolutely love their SSC’s. I have used many others but to me none are as wonderful as Boba.
I am a Boba Ambassador but I can assure you my reviews are 100% my own, and true. I really do love Boba.
Today I am sharing my review for the BobaAir with you.
I received the BobaAir in Gray, which is one of my favorite colours! It will also be much cooler in the coming weeks in this heat!
“The BobaAir is an ultra lightweight baby carrier that is great for travelers or any parent on the go. It folds up into its own hood pouch to be easily stored in a purse or diaper bag! The BobaAir is intended for children 15-45lbs.” –

  • Weight Range: 15-45lbs
  • Waist Belt: 25″-58″
  • Fits Adults: 5’0″-6’3″
  • Buckles Used: Duraflex
  • Zippers Used: YKK
  • Shoulder strap length: 20″ to 40″
  • Fabric 100% Nylon
  • Height of the body of the carrier: 15.7″. Height of the waist belt: 5.1″
  • Width of the Seat of the Carrier: 12.5″
  • Weight of the carrier: .7 lbs
  • Made in China

We went for a family walk and decided I would wear Justin in the BobaAir to give it a test! Not only was it ultra comfortable, it was also extremely lightweight for me and Justin loved it too! Not bulky or hot which is a huge plus in these hot summer months.
It wasn’t a really hot evening when we went out so I am
waiting for a super hot day to bring it along with us again to see how it fairs but I have a feeling it will be super airy for the both of us. Babywearing in the summer can be super hot especially while I’m still losing this last bit of baby weight so this is a carrier that is perfect for summer heat.
I will admit I was very surprised to use the BobaAir and not have any big comfort issues. While it may not look very comfortable at first glance, it really is.
I wore the BobaAir for just over and hour in total this outing. No padding didn’t really make too much of an issue for us. I could however start to feel a bit of discomfort in my shoulders nearing the end of the walk when Justin wanted to nurse and go to sleep so he was a bit squirmy… Which is when I think the padded shoulder straps would have prevented but I really have no big complaints.

I wore it again to run to the store last night and again, no complaints. It’s simply a great carrier. My favorite part about it? It folds its self down into a pouch that can be taken anywhere and is so super compact! With a price point of $65 you can’t go wrong!
I will of course use my Boba 4g and beloved favorite 2g for long outings and trips but for short walks or grocery trips the BobaAir is a fantastic choice! I will absolutely keep it in my purse and diaper bag to use on the go!
If you are looking for a budget friendly, good sturdy carrier without the bulk, weight and comfort compromise the BobaAir is a perfect choice!
As always, I wanted to remind about safe babywearing. I check the hashtag on Instagram often and see a lot of people babywearing incorrectly…. It takes time and practice (heck I can’t even wrap on my back yet, I’m too scared!) so please do your research and practice safe babywearing!
You can find Boba at: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Web
Disclosure: This is a compensated sponsored post. I am a Boba ambassador. 
However all opinions and views expressed are mine and 100% true.