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Breastfeeding Weight Loss: Doesn’t Happen for Everyone

I’ve always heard that if you breastfeed the weight just melts off you. My first four babies, I lost the weight pretty quickly but I wasn’t breastfeeding, I didn’t last longer than 2 weeks with my first four babes and breastfeeding. So, that couldn’t have been it.

After having my last four babies I’ve had the hardest time losing weight, and I tend to fluctuate up and down the whole time. My last four babies have breastfed for 14 months, 3 years, 18 months and currently 10 months and still going strong. That’s a long time to feel much bigger than the norm, and let me tell you – I feel it.

Breastfeeding Weight Loss: Doesn’t Happen for Everyone, What to do:

  • Don’t sweat it: Easier said than done I know, but these little babies aren’t small forever and contrary to what we think most days they won’t be breastfeeding forever so, for now, you may just need to sweat it out.
  • Adjust your diet: While going on a diet isn’t recommended when breastfeeding you can adjust how and when you eat. Adding healthier options and not eating after 8 pm can really make a big difference. This can also help your mood greatly, too.
  • Exercise, but in moderation: Don’t overdo it. I find the more I walk, run or do exercises the hungrier I get. This can be very counterproductive, however, it can also really help if you eat right and stay well hydrated.
  • Try to stress less: WHA? I know I did just say that. I get it we don’t want to stress nor do we try to bring stress upon us but it happens, try not to stress too much when breastfeeding because it can often increase our body weight.
  • Don’t deprive yourself: Breastfeeding makes you hungry. You need to stay nourished to nourish so don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods and snacks. Everything in moderation.
  • Eat more frequently: This goes with the above, don’t deprive yourself – If you let yourself go too long without eating there is a chance you can overeat and go over your calorie needs.

Weight loss isn’t guaranteed after birth or breastfeeding. A lot of us struggle to keep the weight off anyway, so its a little bit of extra work for us. But isn’t it so worth it? Breastfeeding, childbirth and everything in between and after is so worth it when it comes to our kids. Enjoy them while they are young, and get back to your old self when you can. Don’t worry about what others think or feel, be sure to stay true to yourself and make yourself feel good. You are the focus. You’ll get there!