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grill1Back on July 7th my husband and new contributor Peter wrote up this wonderful review about the amazing Breville- The Smart Grill. The response was wonderful, and I’ll be honest – this grill is probably the best way to cook up some meat and veggies. We got rid of our old BBQ that broke instead of getting a new one and we will only be using The Smart Grill from now on! It’s that good.

Just to refresh your memory a little bit, here is some information:

Top quality non-stick indoor grill with six height settings and integrated drip tray. Adjust the height to avoid crushing food or open it all the way up in 180° barbecue mode. Temperature responsive LCD display colorfully alerts when the grill is ready to go. Tilt the bottom plate to drain fats in the easy-to-handle drip tray. The grill unfolds flat to provide a large cooking surface.

We love the grill and love making different  meals on it. However, my favorite is steak. It comes off buttery, and just melt in your mouth… YUM.



GIVEAWAY! ‘Share your favourite summer grill recipe and WIN a Breville Smart Grill!’
The amazing folks over at Breville Canada so kindly offered to team up to give ONE lucky Six Time Mommy reader their very own Breville – The Smart Grill! Retail Value: $399.99


Please note: This giveaway is open to CANADIAN residents only. Prize fulfillment responsibility of Breville Canada and not that of Six Time Mommy. Giveaway open until 08/11 11:59pm – Winner will be emailed 8/12 and will have 24 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen.

WHEN TWEETING TO ENTER – Please edit the tweet to include what recipe you’d love to create with The Smart Grill if you win!

The Smart Grill by Breville

Good Luck! And thank you to Breville Canada for this awesome giveaway!


  1. I would totally use that all the time. I would be making all sorts of yummy creations on it.

  2. I would love grilling some veggies on there. Mainly zucchini. Ohhh I would love trying to grill an apple and see how that tastes

  3. grilled pineapple is a new favorite here…..had some a friends house, would love to try grilling some myself!

  4. I would try some grilled chicken first then some lovely different grilled sandwiches for the children!


  5. This is a wonderful product and great review! I would live to enjoy this with my family. Thank you for a chance

  6. We had a similar product by Cuisinart which we did use a lot, however, it died on us about ~1 year after purchase, within the warranty period. Shipping cost was so high to get it foxed by Cuisinart, we never bothered doing it.

    I’m hopeful this is a better product. Sign me up for an entry I guess and maybe we’ll see.

  7. Great giveaways! amazing grilling it is the easy way to grilled and not too smoke. i love grilled the patty or a chicken thank you for sharing

  8. Thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway! I love using indoor grills. Living in a townhome, it’s much simpler than purchasing an outdoor grill.

  9. I love using the indoor grill when it is either too cold or too rainy outside to grill!! Grilled food is one of my favorite ways to prepare a meal :)

  10. That grill is awesome!! As much as I love our gas grill outside, there are so many cold months here in Alaska where grilling indoors is preferred. Something like this grill would make it a reality.

  11. we travel a lot and do not always have the means to cook our food as we are sometimes staying outside this would be awesome to have

  12. I have one of those and I love it! I’ve been making all kinds of exotic paninis with it. hehe It’s awesome for those of us who are cooking for one or two and don’t want to make massive portions at a time. From this post, I see that it’s also great for large families, too! Great, great, product.

  13. I am in need of a Grill. My George Foreman got me through High School , College , First Job and so on .. I’m all for a good quality grill

  14. I love this grill! We have a foreman but this seems so much better because it is a grill and a griddle all in one! When we out grow ours (which will be soon), I will definitely be looking into the breville grill! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. You had me at steak! But seriously, that looks so convenient. I love grilled food, especially steak. Can you tell I love steak? I am a Texan, after all. The corn and chicken do look awesome, though. ;-)


  16. This sounds like a great little grill. I love how there is two different plates on it. Cooking healthy is important to me and my husband, I love you can make meat and vegetables on it.

  17. I absolutely love this Breville grill and the winner of this am sure will be thrilled! I love using the grill throughout the year and I could certainly got for trying some of your corn today! Grilling to me just makes foods a lot healthier!

  18. This will be the most used gadget in my kitchen if I have this. I am all for cooking healthy, so I prefer grilling. I love the Breville brand and this one looks really nice.

  19. A great way to enjoy grilled food when the weather outside would not permit us to grill the conventional way. I wish I had one of those and fill myself to my heart’s content with grilled food!

  20. This would be wonderful to have for those days when it’s rainy, cold or I’m just too lazy to go outside and light up the grill. It’s really pretty, too and looks well made.

  21. We bought a Breville toaster oven, and it is awesome. We weren’t sure if it was worth the extra cost, but it is definitely is worth every penny. We’re not currently shopping for a smart grill, but we’ll look out for the Breville when we do. Thanks for the recommendation.

  22. Looks like a great giveaway – I’m bummed I can’t enter! We don’t have a grill so this would be a great product for our family. We love grilling but we’re saving up to buy a nice grill for the backyard!

  23. I love how this grill is non-stick! I would grill a nice juicy steak and veggies! Thank you so much for the opportunity! :)

  24. This looks like a wonderful grill! I’d love to win that. And we’d use it like every day. Especially in the cooler months when we don’t want to freeze outside cooking on the charcoal grill.

  25. Let’s be honest everything taste better grilled but I don’t want to be lugging out the BBQ all the time. This will make it super easy to create my favorite dishes inside. Thanks for sharing

  26. This looks like a great grill! A good option for those that have small kitchens or not much room for appliances. I like that it looks easy to clean, too.

  27. I’d make me some Chicken Quesadilla’s on this grill. This grill looks awesome. So many good tasty meals could be made with it!!!!

  28. This is so funny that I am seeing this because one of my friends said that she got one recently so that she could cook healthier meals. I love the digital feature of this. I would make grilled corn on the cob.

  29. Can I be an honorary Canuck? I live in northern Michigan it’s practically the same thing! I love grilling, we do it all winter long also, but sometimes firing the whole beast up for a small dinner just isn’t practical.

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