Budget Friendly Kids Easter Baskets (No Candy)


This year I decided I am not spending a ton of money on Easter Baskets. Every single year I go all out and things get broken or thrown about and I’m not doing it anymore. I have 8 kids and all of them I do a little something for. I’d like to keep the costs low and get them things they’ll be able to use and not go to waste. I’m also tossing out the candy and chocolate, none this year! So, here I am sharing two of the baskets I’ve done up so far this year. So, here you have Budget Friendly Easter Baskets (No Candy).

These baskets will be for Hanna (almost 3) and Justin (almost 6) both got similar items but all came from the dollar store and all under $10 for the full basket. Isn’t that awesome? $10×8 =80 and if I can keep them all below $10 it will be below $80 talk about score for an Easter for eight kids!

The dollar store I went to for these items was Dollarama. It’s a little different than Dollar Tree, but it’s closest to my house and had some items I really wanted to include.

For Justin’s Easter Basket – Boys Ages 5-7

  • Paw Patrol paint by numbers
  • Sling Rocket
  • Water Balloon Kit (6o pieces)
  • Play-Doh with shape cutter
  • Slinky
  • Bug Box
  • 3 Chalk

Each item he will get lots of use out of, and will last him a good while. No candy or junk to rot his teeth or make him hyper, just good ol’ fashion fun in a basket! All of these items would be good for boys ages 5-7!

If you don’t live in Canada or you don’t have a Dollarama close by the Dollar Tree has similar items (or better) and for cheaper. You could do up a cute basket full of items for probably $7-$8!

For Hanna’s Easter Basket – Girls Ages 2-4

  • Easter Color by Numbers
  • Bubbles
  • Play-Doh with Cutter
  • Two Skipping Ropes (came as a two-pack)
  • Slinky
  • 3 Chalk

All age appropriate items, and Hanna who is turning 3 in August uses most of these items of her sisters now so she will be thrilled to get some of her own in her very own basket!

If you are looking for budget friendly easter basket ideas the dollar stores are a great place to go. I know some people think it’s cheap or the products are awful, or you’ll look bad but you can find good quality items that are useful and fun for kids without breaking the bank. It’s a giant win if you ask me! Also, it’s the thought that counts afterall, right?

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