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Building My Girls Self-Esteem #INSPIRECONFIDENCE

Self-esteem. It’s something I have struggled with since I was a little girl. It’s also something as a mom, I have tried to make sure my kids have about themselves, but it’s been a struggle with my girls. After the girl’s girls’ issues in school with some girls bullying them, and having to take them out of school their self-esteem took a big hit. Huge hit.

It’s something I have not and will not give up helping them build. I have three girls now, so it’s something I am passionate about. I still struggle with my self-esteem, and although I’ve gotten much better over the years, it’s still a struggle. Self-esteem is a beautiful thing, and every girl should have it.

This brings us to Dove.

Dove and the Self-Esteem Project:

The Dove Self-Esteem program has had more than ten years of positive influence on young girls and their moms. Over ten years ago Dove began a mission to help young girls improve their self-esteem, and today Dove has reached 2 million girls in Canada with its message, and we are here to join this movement and keep it going to reach millions of more girls.

This year they are championing the incredible impact DSEP has had on Canadian girls’ self-esteem over the past ten years with their workshops, activities, and events.

Our Journey:


Every day for two weeks, I helped them both write something to celebrate herself. We put them in their binders so during school hours they’d see it, and after school hours going over work they’d be able to see it as a reminder too.

My girls and I are brand new to the Dove Self-Esteem Project. We were excited to experience this project because self-esteem is critical, and ours needed work.

For two weeks, my daughters, Kyla and Ava celebrated themselves with the help of Dove. While this whole experience was eye opening for me as a mother, and it helped me learn that if I love myself, and embrace all there is about me — this will help my girls. I also learned, my girls only needed a little push, and they began to celebrate themselves like I had never seen before.

The past two weeks I watched as my daughters struggled to find their true selves. Struggled to break away from each other, and the past, where bad experiences and nasty other kids made their lives difficult and made them feel inferior. I watched as they blossomed together, and separately. Last week I watched as Kyla walked up to a group of girls her age at the park, she said hi and blossomed some new friendships. Something she has never done or been able to do.

Kyla, generally shy and a bit timid became this ray of sunshine, who not only wanted more than anything to be liked by everyone she ever came in contact with but I think more than anything wanted to be loved by herself. She opened up, became a girl I always knew she was. She smiles more; she shines when she talks about things she loves and most of all, she is loving who she is and what she looks like and is celebrating that in her own way. She loves being in photos now and taking videos to send to her cousins.


Kyla found her own way and continues to daily. She still often finds herself hating herself in photos, or talking about what the girls at her old school used to say to her, but for the most part, Kyla has overcome all her obstacles and found her way to discovering who she really is. She doesn’t need anyone else’s approval or praise, she is amazing, and she is embracing it.

Ava, who has always been more of a follower being only ten months younger than Kyla needed to find her own sunshine and her own way. She needed to distance herself from her sister to discover who she was as a person. She is funny, smart and loves to talk about things she knows others enjoy.  But what about Ava? She was lost, and we had to find her. She had to find her and, find her she did.

Ava is still struggling a little bit. She knows who she is and what she loves, but she is still working on the search for her way out of her sister’s shadow. She likes to follow behind Kyla, and do things Kyla likes or wants but sometimes forgets Ava is important too, and what Ava wants is important.

Ava has been spending more time on herself. Drawing and creating things she likes for herself. She was always told that she is nothing compared to Kyla who was always seen as the bossier, more confident one. That isn’t who Ava is. When she isn’t around her sister, she lights up a room. She needed to be able to find the way to light up a room even if her sister was in it. This is something Ava is still struggling with, and working on every day. She is more confident in herself and has been really showing everyone that she is her person, and we love seeing this change in Ava. She has been focusing on creating fashion designs as she wants to be a fashion designer.  She glows when she brings me each design she draws.

We have been using these daily confidence reminders have been helping with the girls continued paths to finding their true selves. We use these notes every day to remind them both to stay confident.

60% of girls worldwide feel their body confidence is holding them back. Ten years ago, Dove began a mission to do something about it.  You can help #InspireConfidence in young girls by downloading the resources available at

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Disclosure: This post is part of the and the Dove 10 Years of Beauty #InspireConfidence sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.