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Bullied No More

I’ve written this post over and over again since Friday. I can’t exactly find the right words to say. So I guess I’ll just come out and say it: due to bullying we’ve removed one of our children from school.

There, I said it.

I’m having a rough time saying it because A) I was told to never share any issues or concerns about school and B) it was a really long and tough choice.

We’ve struggled. For over 2 years now.

My daughter has struggled more than anyone will ever know. But after yesterday I have no doubt in my mind this was the right choice and right time to take her out.

Yesterday, we started homeschooling.

Everyone noticed a difference in her right away. I noticed she smiled a lot more, she spoke positively, she had a sparkle in her eye again and she laughed. A lot.

It’s been hard for me to write about because it’s been a very traumatic experience for all involved. I have wanted to remove her for quite some time but she didn’t want to, she wasn’t ready. Which makes it much tougher because of what she had to go through – but I have no doubt in my mind that she needed to do this on her own terms, and now we’ve taken that step we are on a road to recovery.

Although we may very well have a fantastic happy ending, some people don’t. Bullying leads to all sorts of things, physical and emotional issues that last a life time and worst suicide. So, this is my plea to everyone: STOP. Please stop the bullying. If you see it please step in, use your voice. Please take a stand. No matter what the situation is if a child is being picked on, bullied by one or numerous people or even just having a terrible time fitting in … Do something about it! Even if no one else will listen or help which seems to be a very big trend lately (that and the victim being blamed!) there is ALWAYS another way, there is always hope!

We had so many issues with higher ups we had to involve MPPs and The Mayor and nothing was ever done. Placing blame on the victim seems to be the ideal “way out” for those who should be helping. (But to be clear the MPP and Mayor were 110% on our side and helped us in more ways than I can say — they are the only reason we were able to switch to school #2) Physical marks and emotional bruises. The police wouldn’t even help. It makes me sick. Older children beating up, picking on and mocking younger children is absolutely sickening. Any and all bullying at any age is sickening.

But kids — it just isn’t right. Something has to give.