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Having a house full of pets means we get to try different types of pet foods to see which our fur babies like best, and in doing so we also get to see what they don’t like as much too which really reveals a lot about their personalities too! I could probably start a job of food reviews just from all the foods my animals have tried over the years. Thankfully, my three cats have all been pretty much the same when it comes to likes: Purina. They love their Purina foods!

Did you know: In August 2015, Purina Cat Chow became one of the first premium dry cat brands to introduce a natural product in Canada, Purina Cat Chow Naturals Original. This formula is designed to give cats of all ages the nutrition they need with natural ingredients, including real chicken and salmon.


Recently I tried Charlie, Roo and Tigger on Purina Cat Chow Naturals. I was expecting them to enjoy it, and of course they did! The cats usually don’t eat much, but when I started giving them the Cat Chow Naturals in the Indoor formula they wouldn’t leave their bowls until it was almost gone, or gone! That to me was a huge success.

Tigger isn’t really a big foodie. He is kind of a snob when it comes to all things food and luxury. Tigger, out of the three is more of a natural cat, who does his own thing and has his own very big personality. He doesn’t enjoy many toys, and he is pretty simple when it comes to most things. Give him a head rub and he is a happy camper. Some people tend to only feed their cats cat food as they are unsure of what cats can and can’t eat. Cats can often eat a lot of food that humans eat, but if you are unsure, you can look to sites like CanCatsEat which provides a whole load of information on cat-friendly food.

Hoping the other two follow his lead! They love food in general. So I knew they’d love the switch. Seeing if Tigger would enjoy the food, that was something I was a bit iffy on – and it’s not that he doesn’t like different foods its just that he doesn’t really like change. He’s set in his ways already at one, but I wanted to see if a more Natural option would work for him.


And, it did. He was a little hesitant at first but now he is the first one at his bowl when it’s time to be fed and usually he’s the first to walk away – because he finishes his bowl so quickly.



Cat Chow Naturals Original:

• Made with real chicken and salmon
• No added artificial flavours or preservatives
• 100% complete and balanced nutrition

Cat Chow Naturals Indoor:

• Made with real chicken and turkey
• No added artificial flavours or preservatives
• Natural fibre blend helps control hairballs
• Helps promote healthy digestion
• 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats

Designed specifically to the unique needs of indoor cats, Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor was launched earlier this year in February. Indoor cats can be less active than their outdoor counterparts. This formula gives them complete nutrition, plus help with weight management.


When choosing a cat food, what is the most important thing to you? For me, it’s the ingredients and the brand. If the ingredients aren’t that great, and it’s not a brand I trust I won’t touch it. Luckily with Purina, I’ve grown to love the brand but also love the quality of food they are constantly putting out and how readily available the information about the food I give to my fur babies is.



*Purina will be responsible for shipping prizes. Purina will handle shipping and handling of prizes. Prizes will be delivered as soon as possible (approx. 30 to 60 days) – Giveaway open to Canadian Residents ONLY.

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  • Cat Chow prizes

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