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Celebrating Family Day: Preparing for a Day Out With Little Ones

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Huggies Canada. I am a Huggies #NoBabyUnhugged Mom. As always, opinions are all mine.

As you may or may not know, February 19th this year is Family Day here in Ontario! Today I’m excited to share with you tips I’ve learned along the way – parenting for 14 years, how to prepare to head out to spend a day full of celebrations with little ones!

Hanna is 18-months-old as of the 10th of this month! So, she’s relatively new to the life of being a little one, but she is an in-demand one who knows what she wants when she wants, and boy does she let you know it!

Heading out with the whole family I’ll admit, can be a little stressful for me. I worry I’ll forget things; someone will have an accident – and the messes – I hate leaving messes anywhere we go but let’s face it, with seven kids it’s bound to happen. So, I make sure I’m prepared.

Today, I’m sharing my list with you of must-haves when we go on outings with a little one! To celebrate Family Day, you don’t have to be worried about the little things; I have you covered!

My Top 5 Must-Haves for Heading out of the House With Little Ones:

Diapers: Always be sure to have a few extra diapers on hand when you head out. Sure, you can stop to buy some if needed but I love the feeling of being prepared when I leave the house – do you know how many times I have had to change diapers between point A and point B? No time for stopping at a store. Keep Huggies Little Snugglers on hand and in your bag at all times; you don’t want to be rushing to pick some up at the wrong moments!

Wipes: Huggies Natural Care wipes are so soft and perfectly safe for baby’s delicate skin. The pure and gentle formula made with 99% water, filtered 3 times, are a MUST-HAVE for multiple reasons. Keeping bums clean is #1, but did you know you can use them for many other situations? Face washing, hand wiping and even spills? I have Huggies Natural Care wipes in my bag at all times. I also use them on myself – the pH balance helps promote healthy skin (for little ones, too, of course!). They’re soft, gentle and help with quick clean-ups!

Extra Clothes: I always make sure to have a change of clothes for my little one with me, as well as an extra pair of socks and even a set of PJs. You just never know where things may lead you during the day, and when spending time with your family – things can get long! Be sure to keep some extras on hand!

Snacks: Finger snacks are the ultimate must have in your bag. Little ones get hungry at random times and are always looking for a bite or two. I keep prepackaged items in my purse at all times, but before heading out for a day out, I make sure I cut up some mixed fruit and have other random items on hand, as well. Fresh is always best, but sometimes just having some packages of snacks on hand do the trick!

Medicine/First Aid: I have a small first-aid kit I keep in my diaper bag. With four boys, it’s bound to happen. Someone will scrape a knee, bump a chin or even take a tumble. Having a small, but mighty first-aid kit with even some pain relief is an excellent addition to your bag before heading out for the day. Being smack dab in the middle of some family fun and needing a band-aid and some antibacterial spray isn’t fun. Be prepared!

After 14 years of parenting, I have had a lot of time to work out the kinks of what needs to be taken along and what doesn’t. Having Huggies products on hand has always made me extremely confident, and ready to tackle the fun times we have out as a family. Making sure we have everything packed and prepared is the first thing I do when we plan to head out because I don’t ever want to be stuck forgetting something I know is ideal to have when out with little ones. They can be so messy, and always on the go. Being prepared is a must.

Happy Family Day! Enjoy your families and make the most of your day. Make those special moments count!

What do you always make sure to have on hand if out for the day with a little one?

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