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Getting to Know Charlie’s Colorforms City

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Charlie’s Colorforms City. As always, opinions are all my own.

With a house full of kids we are always watching something on the tv. Recently we were introduced to Charlie’s Colorforms City, on Netflix. Justin and Hanna were hooked immediately and I was glad to find a show that was not only going to help teach Hanna colours and shapes but she will be able to follow along with the show and help Charlie solve story problems. Who doesn’t love a show that gets actively involved? I know I do.

About the show:

Once upon a time, there was…Charlie! He is inquisitive, impulsive, emotional, silly, and Charlie loves to create stories. In fact, he created Colorforms City out of his imagination so that he can tell the best stories possible… like a knight trying to save a balloon, or a cowboy/cowgirl duel, or Charlie’s epic quest to eat a pancake.

Kids at home will help propel these stories forward interactively, playing along and helping Charlie creatively solve story problems. Imagine you and your child as main characters in the show, and like any other main character, the story and episode cannot move forward without them. And Charlie’s other friends will help, too… or at least they’ll try. There are the twins—Violet the brave and Red the cautiously curious, Miss Weather the unpredictable, or should we say “fair weather” friend, and the Silly Faces, who are just that, primarily faces and primarily silly.

Every story is an opportunity for Charlie to create. Charlie’s built Colorforms City on our Signature Black Background with the sticky magic of Colorforms. Charlie can peel, stick, scale, and animate his world to move our stories forward. From a madcap farce to make enough pancakes to feed all of his friends with a pancake machine, to an epic quest to deliver his forgotten birthday party invitations in a rocket ship-submarine, the stories get better, sillier and more creative with the magic of stick.

This series celebrates the stories kids love to tell, and gives them the tools to enrich their stories and make them even better, through kid-friendly story structure, creative problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and humor.

We were sent some fun products to play with after watching the show. Of course, Justin and Hanna couldn’t wait to let their creativity come to play.

About the products:

Charlie’s Colorforms City is based on the classic toy brand Colorforms, a humor-based creativity brand that offers unique and tactile products and experiences that activate creative thinking, self-expression, and experimenting through story-based play. Founded in 1951, the brand has stood the test of time, being named one of the Top 100 Toys of all time by TIME Magazine.

They had such a fun time playing, and creating together. If you have fans of Charlie in your house, I think they’d love something like the above as well as this fun little booklet you can download, here. Children can play with as they follow along each episode, making it even more fun and entertaining for them!

You can find Charlie’s Colorforms City on Netflix right now!


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