The Importance of Finding Your Child’s Learning Style


Not everyone learns the same way and did you know there are over 12 classified ways of learning? The three primary categories are auditory where you learn by hearing the information and work better with background music. Then some visual learners have to see it or read it for themselves, respond better to bright colours, and learning videos. The third is kinesthetic, this is where you learn hands-on, they need to write down information, and they need frequent breaks. They learn by doing not being told how to do it. Do you see how different each one is?

You can’t teach a visual or kinesthetic learner by talking to them all day. It is essential to find your child’s learning style because the way they are taught is the difference between if they learn and understand what they are being taught. They could be the smartest kid in the world but if they are being shown by being spoken to when they are visual learners they just won’t comprehend everything they need to be able to succeed.

Another important reason to know your child’s learning style is to help pick their curriculum. If your child is a kinesthetic learner then you want a more hand on curriculum then one that they have to sit still for most of the day. Finding the right curriculum is a challenge as it is but being able to narrow down the selection by knowing your child’s learning style will be a huge help.

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is being able to cater to your kids learning, and what they need, in a classroom of 30 kids you have all kinds of learners but are only able to teach one way. At home, you can teach the way each of your kid’s needs.

A great book for learning how to teach the way your kids will learn is called The Way They Learn and is highly recommended among homeschoolers. It’s a great place to start when figuring out what way your kids learn than learning how to teach that way.

If you are wanting to figure out what kind of learner your child is you can take the ‘What’s your child’s learning style’ quiz by Scholastic. This should give the basic jumping off point to figure out how to craft the perfect curriculum around your student(s)

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