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Choosing the Right Disney Park for Your Family

disneyparkWith four parks to choose from at Walt Disney World it can be hard to choose the one that your family should spend their vacation time in. Most parks require more than one day to fully appreciate and enjoy, and when you only have a couple days in the parks, you want to make sure you choose the right one. The best way to do this is to sit down with the family and get an idea of what it is everyone is most excited about and wants from this vacation. Whether its rides or interactions or the things they want to see that are most important, once you know you can better pick the park or parks that are right for your family.

Know Your Favorites
If you are planning a family vacation to Disney World then it’s safe to consider everyone has something in mind already when it comes to what they want to see and do. Make sure you talk about the reality of not being able to do everything with your children, and present options that have clear choices to make planning easier. Find out what is more important to everyone in the family, rides or experiences, seeing shows or seeing characters. This information will help you narrow down your park options.

Study the Parks: Before you pick!
Study the parks well beforehand, both for familiarity but to get a sense of which park will give your family everything they want to get out of their vacation. Some folks think they need to park hop in order to get in character greeting time and some of the best rides, but almost every type of experience is offered in each park- just in different ways. When you know where, when and the type of activities that are offered, you can almost always choose one park for the entire trip or per day.

Choosing Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom is the perfect choice for families looking to put together a classic Disney World vacation experience, first time guests, and the place where families that have a seriously limited number of days should spend their time. Classic, new and thrilling rides are all on the menu here that will appeal to all, with plenty in each height requirement range. Characters spend a lot of their time here, so there are plenty of times for interactions and meet n greets. Experiences for every family member, in every budget and price range can be done right in the park, and the most popular dining experiences happen at Magic Kingdom. Choose this park for the all around best experience at Disney World.

Choosing Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom is the destination for families with small children that love animals, and those that love seeing something unique. The park has a great mix of viewing experiences and ride experiences, with many of them combining the two. Families that want a lot of interaction should choose Animal Kingdom because there are plenty of opportunities for personal encounters within the parks. There are not as many of the traditional characters moving around this park, but you will see a good variety of Disney animal characters.

Choosing Epcot
Epcot is the park for the family that is looking for a great mix of thrills and excitement, as well as the choice for families with older children or all adults. The World Showcase is especially fun for the family that enjoys culture and a multitude of food options. The rides at Epcot tend to be more reliant on tech and the ideas that Disney is working out for the future. Choose this park if your family likes to stay on top of what is new at Disney and can make it through most of a park in a day.

Choosing Hollywood Studios
Disney movie buffs, and every family that loves all things to do with entertainment, will want to choose Hollywood Studios. The rides and experiences here are slightly skewed to older children and adults, but there is still plenty to entertain small children. Choose this park if you want to create your own Disney movie experience, from Star Wars to Disney Junior to classic film choices.

Have you ever been to Disney? What park do you think is best for your family?