Free Christmas Printable Coloring Pages


Kids love coloring! At least I know mine do, and I’ve enjoyed making them coloring pages for a few years now. Not only is it cheaper than buying coloring books all the time that I found my kids would rip pages out of so often, but it’s also a lot more convenient just being able to bring out some pages and say have at it! These coloring pages are perfect for Christmas break! While the kids are home and no doubt bored waiting for the main event – handing them some coloring pages to pass some time is helpful. I limit my kid’s screen time so I know not even two days into the holiday break my kids will be complaining of being bored. I’ll send them outside in the backyard, we’ll go for walks, we’ll bake and then they can have some time coloring! These coloring pages were made so that kids could get as creative as they want! They can fill in Santa’s beard, make his eyes and mouth however they want and help the little penguin with his hat!


Ava was home ill recently and was complaining of being bored. Of course, I had just made these fun pages for the break coming up so I told her to help demo for me. She really enjoyed it, said it was relaxing and had a lot of fun being creative with her little penguin’s hat.

Nothing special needed for these coloring pages. A basic printer and blank paper will do the trick!


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