Cozy Up This Holiday Season With New Plush Friends From Build-A-Bear Workshop

I have very fond memories of the holidays with my family from when I was younger. I think about the holidays often, especially now that my mom has been gone for 15 years — she always made the holidays really special. I always got stuffed animals and had a room full of them. I also remember for a few years I was obsessed with Trolls.

I actually found this photo in an album my Grandma had made me before she passed away, and here I was on Christmas getting a troll from one of my brothers.


Do you remember these Trolls? Most were always naked, they had a gem for the bellybutton and colourful hair sticking up? Well, I had a whole collection with over 100 trolls. They were my all-time favourite. I can’t remember what happened to them when my mom died and I had to move in with family, seems they got donated or thrown out which is a huge bummer because I think my kids would love to have them.

Well, Build-A-Bear Workshop has launched the Make-Your-Own Troll collection in celebration of DreamWorks’ Animation TROLLS. The collection includes huggable Trolls characters Poppy, Branch and Guy Diamond, in addition to a pre-stuffed Cooper. You can customize your Trolls and other classic Build-A-Bear Workshop furry friends with a fun collection of outfits, hair accessories, backpack clips, sound chips and more. Please find the official release below for reference.

They may not be the trolls I remember, but they sure are really cute and I am really excited to say I got one!


How cute is he? If you don’t know who he is well, he’s Guy Diamond! He is glittery, and oh so cute. This may sound awful but, I’m totally keeping him for myself in my offie space and not giving him to my kids to play with. Ahhhh, awful I know but my love of trolls apparently never left my heart and I’m really excited about this collection — I NEED the others!

A “Bunch of Characters”: Meet the Make-Your-Own Trolls


The gang’s all here – with playful updos and upbeat attitudes! Guests of Build-A-Bear Workshop can choose from three 15-inch Trolls plush characters to stuff and customize. The line-up includes: Poppy, the positively upbeat queen of the Trolls; Branch, who is practical and always prepared; and Guy Diamond, a popular and glittery Troll who knows how to kick off any party.

Friends, Cupcakes and Sprinkles

Troll Town is a colorful place with crazy happy friends, cupcakes and sprinkles on the side! Build-A-Bear Workshop brings all the magic of Troll Town to its collection with a Trolls lip gloss wristband set, a Trolls cupcake wrist accessory for the plush characters, Trolls backpack clips – including Fuzzbert – and even Hug Time pajamas and Trolls hair extensions that fit most Build-A-Bear Workshop furry friends! Cooper, the mystical Trolls character that shows off his crazy dance moves and wicked harmonica skills in the film, is also available as a 12-inch pre-stuffed plush.

But, Wait! There’s More —

Of course that isn’t all I’m sharing with you today. Build-A-Bear is just full of amazing awesome and in addition to the Trolls BuildABear Workshop also has an irresistible holiday collection of its Merry Mission reindeer, Glisten, Twinkle, and Tinsel! Glisten returns this year as Golden Glisten, with bright golden hooves and light-up antlers. This year, BuildABear Workshop is introducing Twinkle and Tinsel, Glisten’s younger siblings who are top graduates of The Reindeer Academy. Available November 2016.


I got Glisten and let me tell you, the photo does not do her justice. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS reindeer. It’s quality is amazing, and when I took her out of her box, I immediacy announced I was keeping her too and not giving her to my kids! I’m awful I know but she’s truly really gorgeous. I decided to let my girls have her, and she’s been sleeping with Ava ever since. They want to get the others, and I can’t say I blame them. These are gorgeous!


Her antlers twinkle, and my girls ooooh and awww over her frequently. We’ve always loved Build-A-Bear’s quality, but these are seriously on a whole new level with quality, and just look. They are really gorgeous.

I know with the holidays it can get busy, but if you are like me and really enjoy products that bring you back to your childhood, and/or you are looking for the perfect gift to give your favourite little munchkin I strongly recommend heading over to your closest Build-a-Bear and seeing about getting one of these gorgeous plush stuffed friends of your own!

For more information and to experience Build-A-Bear’s new interactive Trolls puzzle, visit buildabear.com and follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given these products complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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