Cuddle+Kind Hand-Knit Dolls That Help Feed Children

cuddlekindIf you know me you know I always want to help. It’s always been in my nature to help people even when I’m not exactly in the position to help people – I do anyway. I love donating my time, money and strength to causes I firmly believe in, and support. This is one of them.

Children. Children tug at my heart strings especially when they are in need. No one likes to see children go without, be in need or go hungry. We can all make a difference because no child deserves to suffer, no child deserves to go hungry.

When I came across Cuddle+Kind Hand Knit Dolls and their campaign I knew I had to help spread the word.

I know not everyone is in the position to help others I’ve been there plenty. But I thought it would be a great idea to share this campaign with you anyway because it really struck me as a campaign that could use not only the promotion but the kind heart I have and I know you all have as well! Please share this campaign and donate if you can. Every little bit helps.

campaignCKWhat is Cuddle+Kind?:
cuddle+kind is a collection of dolls that are Artisan handmade in Peru, 100% cotton knit, stylish and keepsake quality! For every cuddle+kind doll sold, we give 10 meals to children in need.

Filling hearts and bellies around the world Cuddle+Kind was created to help feed kids in need and make a big difference.

How will Cuddle+Kind give 10 meals to children in need?:
Through giving relationships Cuddle+Kind will sponsor feeding in the WFP School Launch program in North America and be able to sponsor the feeding at Orphanages in Haiti through the Children’s Hunger Fund.

How can we all help?:
Today was the launch of Cuddle+Kind indiegogo campaign. You can help by donating here. These dolls are incredible, so worth the purchase! My girls are dying to get their hands on the mermaids! The Indiegogo runs Sept 16 – Oct 16 so there is lots of time to help and spread the word!


For more information or to reach out to Cuddle+Kind please visit them:

Website   |   Facbeook   |   Twitter   |   Instagram   | Indiegogo

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have received special perks for this post. All opinions and views however are my own and 100% true.

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