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Currently Watching: Need a tv show or two to watch? Check out my picks that I am watching currently, some may surprise you! - sixtimemommy.comWhat are you watching? We got rid of cable just over a year ago now, which has saved us about $200 per month as I had the packages with everything. All the US channels, all the movie channels you name it, we had it.

Instead now, I pay $8.99 per month and we have Netflix on two TV’s. Pretty good argument to me if you are looking to save some money. $200 vs $8.99 it’s a no brainer.

Well, if you are like me you’ll love it. I don’t get to watch much TV during the day as I have Kyla homeschooling and the two little boys all day. So while they aren’t napping and I’m helping Kyla we have Barney, Bee Movie or The Croods playing in the background even though usually no one is paying attention to it. But at night and weekends? TV is all mine!

So here is what I’m currently watching and think if you haven’t already seen them, you must get on it!

prettylittleliarsPretty Little Liars: OMG. I am so late to this party but do yourself a favour if you haven’t already started watching this do it NOW. I thought I was too old and thought it was crazy people my age were loving this show but, I am hooked. I am on the edge of my seat during every episode and just when I think I know the answers another bombshell hits me! It’s insane. But oh so freakin’ fabulous. Last night I just finished the last episode of season 4, which is the last season on Netflix so, dying for season 5!

goodwifeThe Good Wife: We started watching this a few years ago when it first aired on tv. Then I am pretty sure another show started, and I lost interest with this one. Then got rid of cable. So we restarted from the beginning and I can’t get enough. Such a great show, and it’s fun for the Hubs and I to watch together.

2424: Never watched this before, and I’m kicking myself. It is so good, and suspenseful! So glad this is on Netflix Canada, such a kick butt show. That Keifer Sutherland too – he needs to be in more TV! A friend told me this is coming back, so I hope that’s true I haven’t had a chance to research but if so – YES! Have you ever seen 24?

ggGilmore Girls: Don’t laugh but I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. I watched every season back when it aired, every episode and loved it so much I introduced it to my girls and am now re-watching with them. The city we live in and the ick school system we have they can use a little bit of Rory in their lives. So far they are loving it just as much as I am!

So, what are you currently watching? Have you seen any of the above mentioned shows? if so thoughts?