Tips for Preparing for a day at the Beach or Pool With Baby


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When it comes to heading to the wading pool, beach or local pool around our city the first thing that I make sure I do is pack the appropriate items in our bags. The effect the sun has on our skin can be life changing, and on babies – who have the most delicate skin – it can be really damaging.

Protecting our little ones from those harmful rays is extremely critical. There are many ways to make sure your little love is protected – skin is always my top priority, especially in the sun and water!


5 Tips to prepare for a beach or pool day… What to pack:

    • Sunscreen: We love AVEENO® BABY Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 because it’s a broad-spectrum sunscreen which is critical in protecting baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also a mineral sunscreen, therefore a more natural choice. We apply on our way out the door (as we take a subway, bus or street car to get where we need to be this is the best time to do it for us!)
    • Hats and UV-protected sunglasses: Make sure to pack a hat and sunglasses for everyone! I know it can be tough to keep these important accessories on a baby, mine literally fights it and it ends up floating in the water – but trying is important!
    • Proper shade: Bring a blanket, test or umbrella to keep your whole family out of the direct sun. This is especially important for babies who have the most sensitive skin.
    • Water: Seems silly to pack water to go to play in water – but it’s really important to keep the little ones hydrated, especially if they are on the go and playing the whole time!
    • Extra snacks: I get so hungry when running around after my little ones at the water — so I make sure some extra snacks are packed for the little ones but also the bigger ones.

I love taking the kids to the local wading pool. Its fun, gets us out of the house and even though it can sometimes be a big chore with so many kids — we all end up having so much fun, but getting a sunburn isn’t welcome in our plans. My last 2 little ones Jackson and Justin REFUSE to wear anything in the water but their swim diapers. They won’t do rash guards and hats? I can’t even tell you how many we’ve lost. So sunscreen and shade isn’t an option for us.


AVEENO® BABY Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 not only makes our trip to the park a lot more fun – it takes a lot of stress out of the day that I just don’t need. Taking 6 kids out for one of these adventures is stressful enough.

What do you pack for your sun-safe little ones? When packing my bags to head out a sunscreen like AVEENO® BABY Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 and AVEENO® BABY Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 50 are always first to go in!


Both are mineral sunscreens that use 100% naturally-sourced active ingredients and offer broad-spectrum protection with ACTIVE NATURALS® colloidal oatmeal that nourishes and hydrates baby’s delicate, sensitive skin – which makes them a more natural choice!

When you have picky babies who won’t keep some things on, you can prepare them and dress them to have no skin visible but that doesn’t always mean they’ll keep it all on. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles, it can be such a headache to go out for a fun day and spend the whole entire time fighting to keep a hat on your little one, or make sure they don’t rip off their rash guards while splashing in the water. So, you can’t ever go wrong with a really good sunscreen made for baby’s sensitive, delicate skin. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have it to rely on.

What does your routine look like for keeping your little ones skin protected in the heat, sun and water?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by AVEENO® BABY, but the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Loving all your tips. For us packing snacks is the biggest one. My kids, especially my little one, gets HANGRY and it comes out of nowhere, so I need stuff at the ready for him.

  2. It’s so important to protect their delicate skin. We call my daughter the sunscreen queen because she’s the best when it comes to protecting my 4 grandsons when we’re at the beach or the pool. Aveeno is a favorite brand at my house. I love how Aveeno sunscreen hydrates as well as protects.

  3. Great tips! Sunscreen and water are SO important! I burned as a kid, so my parents always covered me in sunscreen and made me drink tons of water!

  4. This is a great list. I pack sunscreen before anything else. Don’t you just love Aveeno? I use many of their products and am going to pick up some of this one as well.

  5. These are fantastic tips for preparing for a day at the beach or the pool. I am so ready for sunshine season with warm summer days!

  6. Thanks for sharing these fantastic tips, you never can be too prepared for bringing kids to the pool or the beach for the day. The is sun is great for us but it has some harmful rays at the same time, the perfect balance when at the beach all day makes the most sense. Great tips!

  7. When my sister’s kids were little, she made sure the sunscreen went on before they went outside and after they played in the water. She’d do that even if the sunscreen was waterproof.

  8. My kids are older now, but I still keep after them about putting on their sunscreen often, even if it is waterproof. I also make sure they don’t cook themselves in the sun when there’s shade available.

  9. Using sun protective clothing and hats is huge for us. My kids love being outdoors so it is a must for us to help protect them.

  10. I am OCD when it comes to my kiddo’s skin. My family has a history of skin cancer. Usually I slather him up with SPF 50 about once an hour and then I have a rash guard on him.

  11. I have one kid who is a ginger. She even looks at the sun and she gets 3rd degree sunburn. She tends to stay away from water which reflects and intensifies the burn.

  12. This a great tips for preparing for a beach day! Sunscreen is always a must. I don’t have kids but I definitely couldn’t go to the beach without my trusty Sunscreen.

  13. Both of my babies have super sensitive skin and always break out when I put sunscreen on them! I need to try this Aveeno brand!

  14. Great tips. Sunscreen is so important, especially with kids sensitive skin. My kids hate wearing it though as I do apply a lot and they look all white for ages before it sinks in.

  15. These are great tips. I always make sure we have lots of sunscreen and I reapply it often. I also make sure I have beach umbrella and lots of water.

  16. We may be taking my granddaughter to the beach this summer! This is a really helpful post for us, thanks for sharing your tips!

  17. These are great tips, my youngest is 7 but has very light skin compared to his two siblings and me. I sometimes forget lotion for him, this year I must remember that!

  18. Oh my, I love Aveeno Baby. My girls have really sensitive skin and normal sunscreens tend to cause breakouts. I also recommend bringing baggies for trash :) Great list, though. Thanks for sharing

  19. Very good tips. I think it’s very important to keep sunscreen on at all times. My youngest has eczema, so it’s very important for me to make sure she always has sunscreen on. Aveeno is actually one of the brands I like using for sunscreen. It works great for my youngest with the eczema.

  20. Aww great tips! This looks like so much fun :) My best friends just had to beautiful girls and I can’t wait to take them out this summer!

  21. I was born and raised in Toronto Canada I live in Michigan now and I would love to spend a day in Toronto beaches but you are very correct in needing a ton of sun screen. I have been using Aveeno since I was a kid and I have my 9 year old been using Aveeno since she was born too. I love their baby line of sunscreen and I have to get spf 100 because of my fair senstive skin being a redhead.

  22. SUnscreen is so important for little ones and for adults too. These are great tips for people with babies and older kids too. I slather my big babies up with sunscreen all the time.

  23. We are traveling to the beach in June and I love your tips. My tips would be take food, cause food is expensive at the beach. Also take a ton of sunscreen, as in 5 or 6 bottles.

  24. It is so important to protect your skin. I have a great beach umbrella i use that gives us a ton of shade.

  25. Sunscreen is important to use properly. A lot of people forget to reapply every few hours. I like the new SPF clothing you can buy.

  26. We have a pool and i am always reminding the kids to put on sunscreen. The sun is so strong it takes no time to burn. We use a high SPF sunscreen that dries quickly.

  27. Sunglasses are important if you are going to be spending time outside. We need to remember to protect our eyes as well as our skin.

  28. We use to live in Florida so I would always have a beach “go bag”. We loved this sunscreen because our baby’s skin was protected.

  29. Great tips! Sunscreen is always first on my list. I swear, I never leave home without it and if I do I have a spare bottle in my purse, along with snacks haha.

  30. Being out in the sun having fun is exhausting for little ones (& parents too). Ill try to make sure there’s a good place for naps.

  31. I can’t wait for a day by the pool or a day at the beach – hopefully by next month the weather will be nice enough! Thanks for the tips, they will come in handy this summer!

  32. I think rash guard shirts where the best thing invented this century. This is a good list. Hurrah for beach weather!

  33. Good advice! When my son was a baby, we applying sun screen to protect his young skin and to prevent sun burn. And the rest, we always make sure that his important things are complete.

  34. Great tips. I can’t wait until it gets warmer so we can head to the beach and pool.

  35. Can’t wait for a day at the beach! Aveeno products are so gentle I think they are perfect for both mom and baby.

  36. Spending a day at the beach or a pool with your baby is such a fun experience to go through & these are some great tips to make sure you plan better to make the day a pleasant one. The Sunscreen lotion from Aveeno sounds like a good product to try out for my kids as well.

  37. I need to pick up another tube for my kids. We try to use it just on their little faces in conjunction with sun protective clothing.

  38. When my son was little we carried a separate bag for his beach stuff. I was diligent about sunscreen and reapplyiing it on time. These are very thorough tips.

  39. These are such awesome tips! I never really thought about Aveeno when I thought of a day at the beach but maybe I should!

  40. I love the Aveeno line! They are so great for my skin and a day at the beach would be no different in the quality of protection I am sure.

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