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Dealing With a Dog Barking Constantly

Dogs bark, it’s what they do we all know it but it can get a little annoying after a while. We have three dogs and although they think they are huge scary dogs and like to bark at squirrels running around our backyard, and our poor neighbours (who are awesome by the way) they are generally really good otherwise, except Chase. So, I bring you Dealing With a Dog Barking Constantly.

Chase is our 3/4 chihuahua, 1/4 jack russell who just recently turned 9 years old. He’s an amazing dog but he does like to listen to himself bark. Most mornings he comes out into the living room he’s fine, but then he gets this little jolt of energy and he will just stand barking at the couch, barking at me, barking at the wall. You name it he will bark. He does this multiple times a day throughout the day. We have no idea why, and although he will bark like crazy when someone comes to the door, he sees a squirrel out in our backyard, or if he’s in our backyard and our poor neighbours are outside in their yard he barks until we make him go inside, the inside barking at nothing is what gets me. Why does he feel the need to do this? I don’t know but we’ve started trying to deal with it different ways and so far there has been some improvement.

Dealing With a Dog Barking Constantly

  • Take them out for walks: During the day I take him for a walk or two, depending on weather. Then after school my daughter takes him. He loves it and helps get his energy out more than him hanging out in the backyard barking at squirrels does.
  • Distract them: When he starts barking at the couch, wall or myself I try to distract him. Show him his toys, bring him to another spot of the house and even try to get him on my lap just so he’ll stop.
  • Give them lots of toys: I find when Chase gets bored he will lay on the couch or floor looking out the windows watching for things to bark at. Usually, it’s squirrels on our back fence and he goes nuts. If he’s occupied with toys he won’t be too worried about what’s going on outside.
  • Give them lots of attention: My dogs are always at my feet. They never leave my side and often they can be found trying to get on my lap. If I’m not doing anything I allow it and give them snuggles, they don’t budge when on my lap so it’s generally quiet!
  • Keep a spray bottle handy: I know a lot of people love this idea, I personally don’t. But it’s an option. Keeping a spray bottle with water in it and spraying when the dog barks can work. I personally, don’t like this avenue but its there if needed.

Chase can still be a little bug, and we’re working with him. After 9 years he still goes nuts over seeing squirrels and hearing our neighbours in their backyard but it’s a work in progress. He’ll get it eventually.

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