Decor That Grows With Them – Nanoleaf


Recently I was contacted by Nanoleaf to see if I’d be interested in partnering with them on this post, of course, I said yes! At first, I thought it was super cool, and would be a fun addition to my office space but then I realized this was the perfect decor accessory for my soon-to-be twelve-year-old, Jayden! I’m talking about decor that grows with them – Nanoleaf!

What is Nanoleaf?

Nanoleaf Shapes light panels make it easier than ever to personalize your child’s bedroom or playroom, instantly brighten up a space or dim it down for the perfect night light – no need to be afraid of the boogeyman. The light panels are free-form, allowing you to create any design you’d like by piecing together the different shapes. Perfect for when your little one suddenly changes their mind about their favourite animal. And with over 16 million colour options, you can create your own Scenes or discover thousands of new ones in our app such as “Bedtime” which is designed to help your child fall asleep soundly. 

We were sent the Nanoleaf Shapes Triangle Smarter Kit – and when I say Jayden was excited, this is an understatement. I had to have him wait a couple of weeks so we could paint his room – as he and his sister swapped rooms, and hers was a bubblegum pink – but we had other projects on the go and with my pregnancy, it just needed to wait a little while and he asked us daily!

He would take the box out of my office, look it up online, and just was beyond excited for what was to come for his room.

Jayden, for those of you who don’t know, was diagnosed at 8 years old with ADHD. It’s been a struggle for him to cope with this, and a struggle for us as parents to make sure he was on proper medications, and have doctors listen to us and our concerns. Not being listened to as parents was beyond frustrating. Not to mention teachers having no idea how to cope with this, or bear with us during the process – so needless to say, he could use some good in his life – and we wanted to give him that by way of his own space, he could feel comfortable in and love!

Recently, we were able to convince his doctor that he needed to up his dose of meds, and it’s been a huge change in Jayden ever since. Our sweet, amazing, kind little boy is back and he deserved his space to get finished and have it exactly how he wants it. Now it’s not 100% done yet, but he is thrilled with his space so far and wanted us to share! Below you will see the set we were sent!


  • [7] Triangle Light Panels
  • [1] Controller
  • [1] 120V Power Supply (2-prong Canada/USA plug)
  • [7] Mounting Plates
  • [8] Linkers for connecting panels and Controller
  • [8] Double-sided adhesive Mounting Tape
  • [1] Quick Start Guide

I was a little intimidated when we opened the box, however, it was really easy to figure out and get on the wall. I mean, Jayden would have done it himself it was that easy!

He had a few different designs he could choose from that were included with the instructions, he chose this one, which was my favourite as well! He has his Nanoleaf set up above his gaming computer his older brother so nicely gave him a few months ago, and it’s his favourite place in the whole house.

What’s really cool about the Nanoleaf is not only can he choose from a ton of pre-made colour templates, he can also create his own! While his old room had LED lights around the room, nothing compares to Nanoleaf.

As Jayden grows, and he matures I’m sure he will want to switch up the design which won’t be a problem – we can also order him more panels to make it even more incredible because each standard 42W PSU supports up to 28 triangles. Each Controller supports up to 500 panels. Learn more at

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