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DESIGN YOUR OWN kael+kaed genuine Baltic Amber necklace CONTEST!!

If there’s one thing I could tell parent’s never to be without it’s a Baltic Amber Teething necklace! I didn’t know about them with 4 of my kids but my last 2 had them and still wear them (yes, even my now 3 year old!) and they are absolutely AMAZING. I wore a Baltic Amber and Hazelwood mix necklace during my last pregnancy and it helped  with nausea and my very, very frequent headaches!
So, I am very excited to partner with one of my all time favorite companies Kael+Kaed to bring you this very exciting contest! Create your own Kael+Kaed Genuine Blatic Amber necklace contest!
Submit your design concept to us based on the colors of raw and polished Baltic amber which are available thru the web form.
 Colors Available (all baroque (round-ish)):

·      Raw lemon
·      Raw milky
·      Raw white milky
·      Raw honey
·      Raw cognac
·      Raw dark cherry
·      Raw antique black
·      Raw green
·      Polished lemon
·      Polished milky
·      Polished white milky
·      Polished honey
·      Polished cognac
·      Polished dark cherry
·      Polished antique black
·      Polished green

Have fun! Be creative! Spread the <3
Submissions open Monday May 12 – closes Monday May 19 @ noon PST (3pm EST)
The top 5 design choices will be chosen by a small review panel from kael+kaed.
The top 5 design concepts will be posted on Wed. May 21st @ noon PST (3pm EST) for fan voting.
Submit your design ideas here: SUBMIT


The top 5 design concepts will be posted for voting and open on Wed. May 21st @ noon PST (3pm EST).
Voting will commence on Weds. May 21st @ noon PST (3pm EST) and end on Sunday May 25that noon PST (3pm EST).
Winner will be announced Sunday May 25th after voting has ended.
Winner will receive 1 necklace that they designed in 11” OR 13” size. Winner will name this kael+kaedexclusive Baltic amber necklace. This necklace will remain named for the duration of its stocking in our Baltic amber range.