Free Printable Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Cards


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We are approaching the season of love soon so that means it’s time to get creative and make some fun Valentine’s cards for our kiddos classmates! These Free Printable Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Cards are perfect for the smaller kids and my boys are thrilled to give them out this year! My boys love playing with these cute little dinosaurs. I got a pack of 12 at Dollar Tree for $1.25 or you can grab this bunch of 72 on Amazon for just $15!

Jackson and Justin are probably the only two taking cards this year for their classmates so I am cherishing every last minute of coming up with ideas and making them fun for them.The package comes with red, green, blue and orange Dino’s and I believe there is 5 different Dino’s in the pack!

Over the last fifteen years I’ve had to buy Valentine’s Day cards so much it is nice to be able to print and make my own at home. I always have cardstock at home and I have a big office type printer so I get a big kick out of making my own. Not to mention they are much cheaper especially when having to buy for multiple classes.

This is the first year I’ve made one that BOTH little boys want to take for their classes!

Materials Needed:

  • Quality cardstock
  • This FREE printable
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or glue dots
  • Plastic toy dinosaurs


  1. Print out THIS printable on good quality cardstock
  2. Cut each card out around the red edges
  3. Using a glue gun or glue dot add the dinosaur to your cards
  4. Have your child write “my friend” in the To section and their name in the From section or they can write all their classmates names if they get a list!

I remember being a kid and loving getting personalized Valentine’s Day cards. My kids don’t get many of them anymore and if so there’s nothing like them! Last year one of my kiddos got a homemade card with their friend’s little photo and them holding a lollipop.

My kids talked about that card for days! They remember them and they kept it too in their memory box. I think it’s fun for kids to get somewhat personalized Valentine’s and a toy or candy is an added extra bonus!My boys can’t wait to give these out and I can’t wait to make some more. Be on the lookout for another free Valentine’s Day cards printable with a treat coming up soon!

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