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Direct Sellers Association: Celebrating Women Taking Control of Their Own Businesses #FindYourCommunity

[su_highlight background=”#e5e5e5″] Disclosure: This post is in partnership with DSA Canada. As always, opinions are all my own.[/su_highlight]

When it comes to business, women know a thing or two. Today, I’m proud to be sharing with you some information about women in business and in particular, independent sales consultants in the direct selling industry. Just in time for National Salesperson Day (March 1) and International Women’s Day (March 8), independent sales consultants and female influencers take control of their own business and financial well-being, something that should be celebrated this March!

Bloggers and Independent Sales Consultants (ISC) have a lot in common. Being our own boss gives us the opportunities to live the lives we want to live and be able to take pride in what we accomplish simply because we are doing it on our own, which is an amazing feeling I wish everyone could feel and be proud of.

For this partnership, I was given the opportunity to learn about an ISC named Jess Gillis, who works with Monat, and find out a little bit about how she feels and has been doing as an independent sales consultant. I was surprised her answers seemed similar to mine and how I feel about being a blogger and influencer.

Jess got into independent sales because she had low self-esteem, and she wanted to improve that and give herself a better life. Being an independent sales consultant helped her in her own personal development and has given her and her family freedom and security. Like me, Jess feels that being an independent sales consultant gives her the power to impact lives around her and offer hope. Jess explains her biggest successes as a result of being an independent sales consultant, have been finding her own self and watching others rise around her.

Being an entrepreneur can be intimidating, but working as an independent sales consultant gives freedom and stability that can make that transition into ISC easier. According to Jess, running her own business allowed her to see her true potential, and her strengths that she had always told herself she didn’t have.

Reading Jess’ journey really spoke to me. As a blogger and influencer, I’ve learned my worth. I’ve learned that I too started blogging and lending my voice when I had such low self-esteem and felt like I needed to find my own voice, and my own worth. It’s amazing over the last 6 years just how much I’ve grown, and how things have changed for the better.

The Direct Sellers Association serves the direct selling industry in Canada. As an industry that connects 1.3 million Canadians to entrepreneurial opportunity and enrichment, the DSA provides assurance of member company integrity and a foundation of trust for independent sales consultants and consumers.

By looking for the DSA logo when shopping, and by supporting the DSA and ISC community, you are helping others like Jess reach their full potential. Because the DSA is held to a higher standard of practice they are recognized as the mark of trust and integrity in the Canadian direct selling industry.

The DSA ensures all the best in direct sales. Each member company must agree to abide by the DSA’s Codes of Ethics and Business Practices, designed to protect customers and prospective entrepreneurs. Which also means each Direct Sales Association member company must meet specific membership criteria, ensuring their ability to live up to the high standards established by the DSA.

The DSA logo is a symbol of credibility and the highest standard of business in Canada. Members who display the DSA logo on their website and marketing materials are viewed as upholding these high standards. But what exactly is the DSA or direct selling?

What is the DSA?

The Direct Sellers Association (DSA) of Canada has established and upheld rigorous standards, ethics and good business practices since 1954. The DSA’s mission is to promote, serve and protect the interests of member companies and independent direct sellers marketing their products, and ensure the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.

What is Direct Selling?

Direct selling is the sale of consumer products or services, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location.

Direct Selling is a way for entrepreneurial-minded Canadians to work independently and to build a business with low start-up and overhead costs. Over 1.3 million Canadians are involved as independent sales consultants and over 14 million are involved as consumers.

Why should you look for the DSA logo?

As a representative of the DSA, members pledge to uphold an extremely high standard and of business ethics, which are embodied in the DSA Codes of Ethics and Business Practices.

It’s time we celebrate the female influencers and ISCs who take control of their own business. Being an influencer has taught me that as long as I am authentic and transparent and as long as I work hard, I can achieve the goals and be successful while feeling confident and independent with what I’m accomplishing.

For more information, to become an ISC or learn more about why we should look for the logo please visit the DSA’s website here

To support and follow along with Jess Gillis please visit her on Instagram, here.