Vac, Dust & Reach With The Dirt Devil 360 Reach #CleanTeam


With Spring now in full swing and allergy season upon us it’s so important to make sure the dust is at a minimum and the house gets as clean as it can be for the little bodies we have living in our house! This is why I’m thrilled to share about the Dirt Devil Reach 360 with you all!

The Dirt Devil 360 Reach bagless stick vacuum looks to be small but don’t let the size fool you, it does the job and does the job well! We don’t have many carpets in our home just two big throw rugs in our living room so sweeping, dusting and vacuuming is something I’m used to doing multiple times a day to make sure all the dog hair, cat hair and dust that comes in from outside is a minimum..

This bagless stick vacuum lets you reach floor to ceiling and it doesn’t hurt your back or arms to do it! This unit also comes with a handy bag to keep all pieces together so you don’t lose them, something that is critical in our home as kids touch and want to play with everything!


My favourite part of the Dirt Devil 360 reach is the fact we have super high ceiling in our stairwell going to the 3rd floor. I am able to clean higher than I ever could before with the reach, and it doesn’t strain me to do so. It’s suction is also very powerful and doesn’t leave me needing to grab anything else to get the job done. I can clean high lights, ceiling fans and around window frames without using a chair or stool to reach as high as I need to. With the pivoting tool it’s easy peasy to get the jobs done that need to be done quickly. Talk about satisfying.




As a busy mom I am always looking for ways to make cleaning up messes or even just make my everyday tidying routine a bit easier for myself, and the quicker I get things done the better! The Reach 360 speeds through messes from floor to ceiling with Vac+Dust Tools and SWIPES™ Microfibre Pads – something when you have hardwood floors is essential. Then when you need to get to the stairs – clean every part of each step with the Powered Stair & Upholstery Tool. When you’re through, dump the dirt with the touch of a button. Easy, peasy!

Dirt Devil 360 Reach Features:

• 4-in-1 Stick Vac
Go from floors to ceilings to couches in seconds.
• Cyclonic Filtration
Cut through any mess with powerful suction.
• Vac+Dust Ceiling Fan Tool with SWIPES™ Washable Microfiber Pad
Vac and dust ceiling fan blades. Fits most fans.
• Vac+Dust Hard Floor Tool with SWIPES™ Washable Microfiber Pad
Pick up heavy dirt & debris while the SWIPES™ microfiber pad captures the dust.
• Vac+Dust Above Floor Tool with SWIPES™ Washable Microfiber Pad
Easily tackle vents, hard-to-reach corners, shelves and more.
• Bottom Empty Dirt cup with MaxFill™ Technology
Prevent dirt and hair from getting stuck in the dirt cup.
• 6″ Powered Stair & Upholstery Tool
Adjust to cover every part of each step.
• Extended Wand
Stretch from floors to ceilings and catch everything in between.
• 27ft. Power Cord
Easily Clean your couch then your stairs without unplugging.
• Reusable Quick-Rinse Filter
Don’t bust your budget on expensive replacement filters.
• Crevice Tool
Get to hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.
• Pivoting Extension Tool
Pivot to get above the mess.
• Storage Bag
Easy and convenient storage.
• 3-Year Limited Warranty
Dependable quality. Expert customer support.


SRP: $179.00 CDN

About Hoover
For more than 100 years, Hoover® has designed powerful, easy-to-use products that clean your entire home from floor to ceiling, and even the very air you breathe. That’s why we’re a household icon and one of the most trusted brands in Canada – Hoover® Nobody does it like you™.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am part of the Hoover #CleanTeam and receive special perks for being part of this group. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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