DIY Birthday Shirt Using Crayons



When May rolls around it’s what we call in our family “Birthday Season” because starting in May we have a Birthday or two every month until October!

This month on May 11th, we celebrated Jackson’s 5th Birthday! I still can’t believe he turned 5 it still feels like he’s so much smaller than that, but boy has he brought joy to our lives over the last 5 years! He is such a fantastic little guy, I can’t wait to see what is to come in the next 5 years!

Justin will be turning 3 in September and although that’s quite a while away I’ve already started planning  (all other Birthday’s are already well planned too, I know crazy!)

This year I wanted to do something special for him as shortly after the new baby arrives will it be his Birthday and I already know he will have a few little issues welcoming a little sister.. He is very much a mama’s boy, and is glued to me like crazy. He will for sure have a few little attachment issues and maybe some issues with the fact a new little one has a lot of mommy’s attention so doing something very special for him is something I am looking forward to!

DIY has recently become something I am loving and wanting to explore a bit more. I am not very crafty or unique, so when coming up with ideas it can be hard!

For his 3rd Birthday – what better way to help celebrate than make him his very own Birthday 3 t-shirt! Super cute and simple! To include his favourite crayons – in the making of the t-shirt makes it all the more better and special for him. He loves colouring and playing with crayons any chance he gets so this will be lots of fun for him! Here’s how to get this super cute t-shirt of your own!

DIY Birthday Shirt Using Crayons:

Supplies Needed:


  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Sandpaper (I used 150 grade)
  • Crayons
  • Iron & board
  • Paper towel


  1. Draw your number or design on the sandpaper **keeping in mind that it
    will be reversed once on the t-shirt**
  2. Make sure there is a good thick layer of crayon on your image
  3. Place your sandpaper, with the image facing down on your shirt, on the
    ironing board and place a few layers of paper towel over the
  4. With a hot iron, go over the sandpaper for about 20-30 seconds.
  5. Remove the paper towel and sandpaper and your image should now be
    transferred on your shirt.
  6. Throw in the dryer for about 20 minutes to set.
  7. Be sure to wash by itself for the first launder.








Have you ever made your own t-shirts? Have you ever used crayons? 


  1. Coloring on clothing? Uhhh yes, please! You just gave me my craft for 10 year old stepdaughter’s upcoming movie night sleepover! Hashtag Thank You Very much LOL!

  2. The kids and I used to make tee shirts all the time for special events. This is super cute, we never used crayons.

  3. This is brilliant! I have some of these items right now, and think I might try this for my little nephews’ 5th birthdays this year! Thanks so much!

  4. I remember making t-shirts with melted crayons on like some hot flat surface in kindergarten but that was so messy! This looks a lot cleaner and more controlled :) I love this because you can get as artsy as you want!

  5. This is super cool for kiddos! I really would love to make some for each of my three kiddos.

  6. I’ve never made my own t-shirt and have never seen one done with crayons. This is too cute and I want to make one for my grandkids. So cute!

  7. Now that is one clever way to design a t-shirt! I like the concept of using it as a birthday shirt but really you could do SO MANY other designs also. Love it!

  8. I love this! What an awesome idea. I need to do this with my girls for their birthdays. This is so neat.

  9. I love this idea. It looks fun and easy to do. I will have to give this a try with the kids.

  10. My kids are going to love doing this. There are so many designs you could do. It is perfect for a birthday party.

  11. What a super fun idea, I can see how this would be a great addition to a birthday party event! Loving how colorful and fun it would be.

  12. This seems like a nice idea for creating shirts at home. It would be a good idea for creative or artistic people. I wonder how this stands up to the wash. Or do the shirts need to be dry cleaned?

  13. This is such a good idea. My daughter would love this for her next birthday. This with a tutu skirt.

  14. ♥♥♥ this! Used to make tees for The Trio when they were little, but had to use expensive “transfer crayons” and fabric paint. THIS is so much easier!!! Gracias for the idea. BB2U

  15. This is a really cute idea. I would never thing to use crayons to decorate a shirt. I will have to share this with my sisters. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  16. What a super cute idea for a birthday suit. Never would of thought using crayons. It came out awesome!

  17. How is this not known as a fun way to spend time with children? The idea sounds so exciting and I’ve always wanted to do this when I was a kid. I’ll be using this for a friend’s child’s birthday party and I bet they’ll enjoy preparing and living the experience!

  18. Omg what a cute idea!!!!!! My daughter would love something like this. So need to make one of these shirts!

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