DIY Burlap Rudolph Wreath

I love spending the days working, playing with the babies, and spending time with my husband. To wind down I have been getting the kids together and making crafts, and having fun with DIY things around the house in the spirit of the holidays approaching! This DIY Burlap Rudolph Wreath is super fun, easy and kid-friendly! Not only can the kids help, but they can also make it themselves if they really want to! It’s that simple. Rudolph is one of those adorable creatures we all know and love so keeping this really basic was easy because you recognize that nose anywhere, am I right?

No need to add anything fancy – you see that nose, you know who it is. It’s a fun, and adorable piece to display all winter long and brings the kids so much joy seeing it hang on the wall!

Not many materials are needed for this fun project.

What you need:

  • one roll of burlap
  • Scissors
  • Large red ornament – with or without glitter
  • 12-inch wire wreath
  • hot glue gun
  • Brown foam

First I made my burlap wreath. Using a piece of ribbon – I use the string from the burlap you fold the burlap lengthwise. Turn the wire wreath over to the back side and tie your ribbon at the end of the burlap and then tie that and knot it at the bottom of the wreath in one of the slots. Turn it the wire wreath frame back over to its front side.

Keeping the burlap folded lengthwise you will then insert a loop into each row. Each wreath slot should have six loops – two side by side to fluff out later. You want the loops not too big but not small either because you want a full wreath.

Once complete cut if needed to tie off and tie to the wire frame.

Next fluff out your wreath! It should look beautiful and full! Once finished with that you can glue your red ornament for Rudolph’s nose at the bottom of your wreath. For the antlers, I imagined what cute little reindeer antlers would look like and cut the foam into what looks like a bubble-shaped “f”. It’s cute and easy to do!

You can hot glue these on as well and then you are done!

Time to hang up Rudolph the red nose reindeer wreath! Isn’t it really cute? and simple! I love it and will bring it out every year to hang it for the holidays!

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