DIY Cookie Cutter Snowman Ornament


DIY Cookie Cutter Snowman Ornament -

Tomorrow is the day! We are putting up our Christmas tree! I am so excited, I cant’t wait to get my decorations up around the house and get the tree ready for Santa! My kids aren’t as excited as I am, which is usually how it goes but we are all looking forward to it.

We are planning to play some Christmas music, have some homemade cookies and hot chocolate and get to work on our tree tomorrow evening. So what better time to share with you this DIY Cookie Cutter Snowman Ornament!

If you are putting up your tree soon — This would be fantastic! If you want to make your own ornaments this is a really easy and fun way to do it!

Materials Needed:


  • Black or brown yarn
  • White yarn
  • Large snowman cookie cutter
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Thin silver ribbon


  1. Cut several long pieces of white yarn, about 36″ long (several shorter pieces making wrapping easier than one very long piece) and tie the end of one piece right under the snowman’s hat
  2. Start wrapping your yarn around the cookie cutter until you reach the end of the string, then hot glue the end of the string inside your cookie cutter
  3. Tie your next piece of yarn where you left off, wrap until you reach the end of your string and hot glue the end inside your cookie cutter
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve reached the opposite side as you started
  5. Now cut a couple 24″ pieces of black or brown yarn, tie a piece against the white, and start wrapping and glueing just like you did with your white yarn but on the hat of the cookie cutter
  6. Now cut a 8″ piece of silver ribbon, loop it through the top of the ornament and tie the ends into a knot to hang on your Christmas tree




DIY Cookie Cutter Snowman Ornament -

Look how cute these are! Heres the finished product, super cute and you’d never really guess it’s a cookie cutter, would you?


DIY Cookie Cutter Snowman Ornament -

I’m excited that we’ll be putting our tree up tomorrow and plan to make a whole bunch of these for our tree. The kids love them and when they saw how easy they were they were really excited!

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