Elf Camera Ornament


We are now 16 days into November and that means for a lot of us the Elf on the Shelf will be arriving soon. This DIY Elf Camera Ornament is a great addition to the Elf fun or an alternative to those who don’t use the Elf on the Shelf! This fun DIY is quick and easy but also a lot of fun. I was able to make an ornament in under 25 minutes and I think it turned out so cute. When my older girls saw it they thought I had bought it – score!

For this fun craft you will need just a few things, all of which I bought at the Dollar Tree!

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic clear ornament balls
  • Circle magnets
  • Silver ornament ball maker
  • Paint (green, black, red and white if you choose to do exactly like this)

This craft is fairly easy. The idea is to make these and have the Elf bring it when they arrive if you do Elf on the Shelf, and if you don’t its a fun idea to have waiting for the kids one morning and have them put it on the tree to know elves are keeping a close eye to let Santa know how wonderful they are being during the holidays. Although you don’t want your kids making them so they think some of that magic is still real (because who doesn’t love the idea of magic around the holidays) they could in theory help with these as they are THAT easy.

Our Elf isn’t at our house as a threat tool, ours is at ours to learn. So we have a little bit of that magic still in our household, but we don’t use it as a threat. Our elves report back to Santa all the wonderful things they learn in our house over the holidays like manners, giving, helping, etc. It’s fun for our kids and they enjoy showing the elves things they do as they do it!


  1. Open the top of your ornament and squeeze green paint inside. Slowly turn and move around the ornament so the paint covers all of the inside.
  2. Place ornament upside down in a cup (mason jar, jug, mug whatever) and let excess paint drip out of he ornament.
  3. Let dry upside down for 10-30 minutes
  4. Once dry replace the top of the ornament and add your magnet where you’d like to “lense” to be on the camera.
  5. Once you add your magnet take your silver ornament marker and dry a circle as thick as you’d like around the magnet, then paint another circle with your black paint around the silver circle.
  6. Then its time to add your red record button. With a very thin paintbrush add a circle red dot in the right corner of your ball
  7. Once done that its time to write on your words. Elf Camera at the bottom and REC above the red done, then you are done!

It’s super cute and my boys think its the best thing since the actual Elf. We have two elves this year, a boy and a girl elf and this just brings some extra fun around the house!

An idea I’m going to try next with a Santa cam is one of the lenses you can buy at the dollar store for a cell phone. I think it would look pretty awesome. However, you can’t beat the price for this ornament since everything used in it was from the Dollar Tree. Each item $1.25 in Canada and $1 in the US. Cannot be beaten. If you are wondering how it looks on the tree, here is a little glimpse for you. The lighting in my house is awful so it’s hard to see, but here it is in action:Tip: If you can find red glow-in-the-dark paint that would be a fantastic idea for the record light instead of just regular red paint! It would make it much more realistic too.

Easy DIY Elf Camera Ornament
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