DIY Fall Necklace Easy Kids Craft


Fun & Easy Fall Necklace Craft for Kids - sixtimemommy.comSince my kiddos decided they wanted to go back to school this year instead of being homeschooled we haven’t done much crafting.  Which makes me sad because I love doing crafts and DIY things around my house.

When my kids decided they’d go back to school the first thing that popped into my head was that there wouldn’t be many cute, or colorful crafts around the house. Schools seem to send notes home constantly complaining about money, and this and that so we rarely see any art coming home (wonder if they even do it anymore?)

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do some fun art over the weekends! I know my younger kids especially love making fun themed items. So why not a Fall themed necklace? Sounds fun, right?







  • Paper Straws in Assorted Fall Colors and Patterns
  • String, cord or twine
  • Scissors
  • Paper Hole Punch
  • Silk Fall leaves

This is one of my favorite crafts because it is inexpensive, easy to do and not messy at all! It is a great way to bring the family together when you need a low stress activity that will please everyone or a group activity for a classroom or party.

Depending on the ages and capabilities of the children doing the activity, you may want to let them cut the straws and punch the holes in the leaves, or you may want to have these steps already completed so they just do the designing and stringing.

1. Cut the straws into pieces of varying lengths.
2. Take each silk fall leaf and punch two holes (as shown) so that it can be threaded onto a string.
3. Measure the string to the size that you want your necklaces to hang adding approximately 4 inches to allow for tying a bow or knot.
3. String the straws and leaves onto the cord in your own design.
3. Tie the ends together and enjoy!


Adorable or what? I know my kids love this type of craft. Super easy, fun and a little bit of Fall!

Do you like to do crafts in the Fall? What are some ways you celebrate the great change of seasons?

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