DIY Glass Gem Fridge Magnets


DIY and crafts have been lacking around here for a bit so I figured it was time to jump back in and share with you this fun craft the kids and I did not too long ago! We made these really fun, bright and DIY Glass Gem Fridge Magnets!

These really fun gems are from the dollar tree $1.25 per bag in Canada and $1.00 per bag in the USA. They are large and are flat on the back, not to be mistaken from smaller glass gems that have specks/glitter throughout these are a bit different. I was actually out shopping with my oldest when we stopped in at the dollar tree and I happened to just be walking by and saw them. I grabbed two bags and was really excited to get home and use them.

We stopped in at Walmart to grab some dinner and I by accident left my $24 Dollar Tree bag under the table. We figured since two girls about my age sat right beside us just as we were leaving we’d be ok because they did see the bag and we rushed back. Sure enough both girls were gone and so was my bag. I had to go back later that night and re-buy everything in the bag including my fun glass gems.

Once I got over the shock of these girls taking my bag, I quickly got to work with the kids making some fun magnets for our fridge. We always have lots of school papers coming home so I figured we’d brighten up our fridge with these colorful gems.

For this project here is what we used:

You will need:

  1. Glass gems
  2. Nail polish 5-6 different bright colours
  3.  Magnets
  4. Glue Gun

At first I didn’t explain it too clear and the kids started decorating the front where the surface isn’t flat, so once I explained a little bit more detail to them they quickly had a bunch made.

All you have to do is turn the gems over so the flat side is facing up and decorate. You can do just about anything, and if you want to do actual pictures (flowers, trees, etc) instead of using the thicker/wider brush that comes with nail polish grab a small fine paint brush and it will do the trick.

Be sure you are using a good amount of nail polish as it has to be thick to completely show up and be vibrant on the other side. Once your gems are dry, use your glue gun to dab glue onto the back of your magnets and quickly stick them on the flat side, where you did your nail polish painting and let dry.

I put a generous amount of glue on the back to make sure they’d stick with the weight of the gems. Putting a lot of glue meant they’d stick out a little bit at the back but to make sure they don’t fall and smash to the ground, I think it’s ok to do.

Once dried, they are ready to go up on the fridge! These gems have a lot of imperfections in them which I love, and think make them look a little more personalized.

Aren’t they cute? We did tie-dye ones and a bunch of different flower/outside scenes but they weren’t dried when I needed to get this post written and up! You can do just about anything with these, they are really cute and easy and make a great addition to any fridge.

Looking for a fun personalized  way to gift? These magnets also make a great gift idea!

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