DIY Mermaid of the Sea Candle Holders


Moms and dads gather your little mermaids and little mermen… this adorable craft is so much fun to make and SUPER easy. We all love an easy DIY right?

There is just something so magical and amazing with mermaids even though they are a very popular mythical creature still today! Mermaids have been in the stories told by many cultures all over the world. The colorful scales of their tails reflecting in the water and flickering in the candlelight of this candle holder will have the receiver in awe. You can definitely make this for yourself or as the perfect gift for the mermaid, sea, or candle lover.This Mermaid of the Sea candle holder can be made in any color you choose. I chose three colors to mix and give it a beautiful scale effect using pastel colors of purple, blue, and pink. Mixing them in a pattern made them not only cute but more realistic for the scales on the glass.

So let’s get started so you can get these beautiful candle holders created and light those candles!

Pictured below is what you will need. I was able to buy all my supplies from my local Wal-Mart which made it super inexpensive and very convenient! I made three candle holders but feel free to make as many as you would like for your home or gift giving!

  • Stone granules or sand
  • Three small mason jars
  • About 5-7 small seashells
  • Three tea light candles
  • Colored tissue paper
  • “gloss” Mod Podge glue
  • Small paint brushes

First thing I did was cut my tissue paper into half circles to show the shape of a scale. I layered the tissue paper up so I could cut many all at once.

Next, I brushed a small area at a time on my mason jar and layered my scale-shaped tissue in a pattern three in a row going vertical however going side by side switch the colors up so the same colors aren’t touching each other.Make sure you are going light on the Mod Podge because a little does go a long way. Apply a thin layer over your tissue scales so that when it dries it gives off a good shine of the gloss and will look perfect with the flickering of the candle.

Once it is dry – add your sand, tea light candle and a few shells and viola – you are done and have created something just as magical as the mermaid itself.Are you or any of your kids into the popularity of the mermaid?

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