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DIY Valentine’s Day Card Confetti

Are your kids giving out Valentine’s Day cards this year? To family, friends or their classrooms? My kids ADORE giving out treats, cards and little things to their friends. I couldn’t stop them if I wanted to, so we always do!

Lately, we’ve really been into crafting and doing more DIY things than buying. It’s a lot more fun but it’s also cheaper. I am all about saving in 2017 so there will be more DIY’ing to come, especially things like this — Something really simple and fun they can do to make it a little bit more fun and exciting!


It’s messy, be warned but oh so fun for those opening the card and a little riot for those giving! My kids love this and think it’s so much fun. We will be making a few batches to give out with our cards this year!

Materials Needed:

  • Heart hole punch
  • Pink, white, and light pink card stock
  • Valentine cards and envelopes


  1. Punch your card stock around the edges with your heart hold punch
  2. Repeat step 1 with each color paper you have
  3. Fill your Valentine cards with a small handful of hearts
  4. Carefully put your filled card in your envelopes and seal them up for Valentine’s Day!

Adorable and fun right? It’s really easy too and the kids love making it themselves, which its simple enough for them to do with little to no help! My kids love crafting with me and this is something fun we can do together. You can do it for any occasion but we think its perfect for Valentine’s Day, what about you?


What are your plans this year for Valentine’s Day? It’s creeping up on us!

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