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DIY White Yarn Christmas Tree Decorations

DIY White Yarn Christmas Decorations -

Although I do really love decorating for Christmas I don’t always love spending the extra money on decorations. Over the years I’ve collected plenty, however moving and such has caused a lot of the stuff to go missing, get broken or need to be thrown out for whatever reason.

Although I did go on a nice shopping spree at Canadian Tire and get a load of the CANVAS collection for my tree and dining needs over the holidays I didn’t get very many decorations for my living room, or the rest of my house.

So I’ve decided making them would be a much easier, cheaper and better option. I have so much around my house I didn’t even realize could be used for decorations, but re-purposing things I already own is one of my favorite things to do!

Today I’m sharing White Yarn Christmas Tree Decorations!

materialMaterials Needed:

  • 5″ foam cones (located in the floral area at major retailers)
  • white yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • medium pom-poms
  • small pom-poms


  1. Apply a small dollop of hot glue on the bottom of one of the foam cones. Place one end of the white yarn on the hot glue and then gently wrap it around the cone all the way to the top (see photos). Don’t worry about getting the yarn too close because you will wrap it back down the cone once you get to the top filling in the gaps.
  2. Once the cone is wrapped top to bottom, place another small dollop of hot glue at the base to hold the yarn and snip the excess.
  3. Take a few of the medium pom-poms and give them each a dollop of hot glue and place at the top of the cone.
  4. Use the small pom-poms to decorate the tree by each a small dollop of hot glue and placing them on the tree as ornaments.
  5. Repeat with the desired amount of cones.

*The foam cones come in a variety of sizes so have fun with it and make a few different size trees!




step5They are fun and easy to make. They also look really cute, and can be displayed on a shelf, on your table or even near the tree! So many great ways to be displayed!

Do you like making any of your own home decorations?

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