Dollar Tree Haul

Dollar Tree Canada Haul: Items You Don’t Expect to Find at Dollar Tree June 2018

Month two in my new series Dollar Tree Canada Hauls! This month I went to two different Dollar Tree’s and was pretty happy with the stuff I got. Although, this haul is extremely small.

This month I went with a specific purpose and that was to decorate our bathroom in the basement (and I also grabbed a couple things for my office!). If I could extend beyond this small budget, I would look at the best electric shower I could get. For now, though, I am happy to decorate within my means.

I wanted a beachy theme. I was really happy with the couple of things I actually found between the two stores. I spent less than $12 and my bathroom is now exactly what I want it to look like. Although let’s not forget that the design of my bathroom is pretty much perfect since it already has something similar to these glass showers. So really I just wanted to add a few extra homey touches to it. I didn’t buy much as I didn’t want to go overboard in a small bathroom so this haul is a bit small.

New items arrive at our Canadian Dollar Tree’s every Wednesday. I’m not sure if it’s the same in the US or not, but the workers at the one I frequent most told me that store is Wednesday, so I make sure I go at least once a month – usually towards the end of the month so there are more new items.

Let’s see what great finds I found for my bathroom!

The day I went to Dollar Tree the clerk told me that these came in the day before and they were selling fast. They are super cute and add the perfect “beachy” feel I was looking for on my counter!How perfect are these candles? They add some much needed colour and fit perfect for the theme!

This isn’t really “beachy” but I loved the colours and it was new to my store, so I grabbed it for tooth brushes! It works really well, and looks super cute on the bathroom counter!

I also grabbed these two candles for my office. I love them, so I look for fun and different (new) designs every time I go and grab them! I only got to Dollar Tree twice this month so my haul is extremely small, next month I have the upstairs bathroom and kitchen I want to decorate and have looking wonderful. I’ve wanted to do a little remodeling in my kitchen for a while now. A friend of mine recently redid hers using a service specializing in kitchen renovation in San Diego, but I don’t want to go that far right now. Instead, I’m just going to do a little makeover. I plan to head to Dollar Tree to get most of the items – you won’t want to miss that one!

The US Dollar Tree items are $1 but here in Canada it’s $1.25 still a killer deal. Other Dollar Stores here range from $1.25-$4 so it’s not really a Dollar Store anymore. I also find the quality at the other Dollar Stores aren’t good as Dollar Tree items.

I am excited about doing this series and sharing what great items I find. As a family of 10 the Dollar Tree is a great place to not only find decor but it’s also a great place to grab school supplies, kitchen supplies, outdoor fun and even some groceries – Yes! Although the US has way more food items (and even freezer items!) our Dollar Trees here in Canada do have snack food items and things to fill your pantry. At just $1.25 per item (and sometimes I’ve found things for .50!) you can’t beat that!

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