Easter Bunny Bingo [Free Printable]


This year Easter falls on April 12th. Back in 2018 I spent Easter day in the hospital and gave birth to little miss Mia, who will be one on April 1st. It’s so hard to believe how quickly time flies, and we all say it with every child but it’s true. I can’t believe we’re already posting about Easer, but here we are!

I decided since our kids are now home until at least April 5th, I’d start coming up with new ideas for things for them to do. When I was a kid I loved playing bingo. Heck, I still do as an adult (don’t judge) but I go about once every 4 years so it’s not something I do often.

When I decided I wanted to bring more printables to the blog Bingo was one of the first that popped into my head! Isn’t it cute? My kids love playing games, with each other and as a family so this is something we can all do together. I even made an “announcers bundle” that I’ve included so you don’t have to try to explain what the photo looks like you are calling, you can show the kids and even the smaller one can play too! In this download you get 4 different BINGO cards, so 4 people can play at once!

My kids love every holiday but Easter isn’t like the rest — when Mia was born almost two years ago on the day, everyone started associating Easter with Mia. Sadly, it’s on April 12th this year but we have a feeling we’ll be celebrating this little girl all month long, she’s such a joy.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your family, this Easter Bunny Bingo [Free Printable] will keep everyone engaged, entertained, and having fun! Download yours below! However, if you are old enough to play bingo with cash then you could also find some good bingo sites on this link and start playing a variety of other bingo games for your own entertainment.



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