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Easter Egg Wreath DIY

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way!! This is no joke – even though it does fall on the same holiday as April Fool’s Day! Another BIG holiday is on its way. If you haven’t gotten your treats ready from EB (Easter Bunny) then now is the time to get your shopping done but while you are out, pick up a few things to make this adorable Easter egg wreath for your home! Put it on your front door, give it as a gift, or place onto a wall inside your home for some Easter cheer with beautiful spring colours!

This wreath is super easy to make and fun even if you are not very crafty. It is something very simple to do. I love the simplicity of burlap and adding the colour of the eggs to help make the wreath POP and sometimes simple can be a good thing. Especially if this is a cute craft you want to do with your kids! It’s something easy for them to learn and do. A wreath can be made for just about any and every holiday. You can have them help loop the ribbon through the wreath or help glue the Easter eggs down. You handle the hot glue gun and have them pick the colour egg and where on the wreath they want you to put it. Teamwork and family fun for some cute home decor!

What You Need:

  • 12-inch wire wreath (or larger if you want a bigger one)
  • 8-10 plastic Easter eggs
  • Hot glue gun
  • A piece of string – about 6 inches long
  • Roll of burlap (or two if you want a larger wreath)
  • Scissors

First step – Fold burlap in half and about an inch from the edge tie your string around it.

You want to then tie that string on the first inner circle of the wire wreath on the back side.

Then flip the wreath over and you will then begin to start looping the burlap through. Fold the burlap and pull through the first circle, then fold another loop and pull through the second circle and then another loop through the third. At this point, you will have three loops of burlap. Each section of the 12-inch wreath will have TWO three loops of burlap. The bigger the loops the bigger and fuller the wreath will look.

You just continue to go around the wreath until finished and you can hot glue excess burlap down after trimming to shorten it.

I then “open” some of the loops as if they were the petals of a flower to create a full effect of the wreath. This is your wreath so you can create any effect you want it to have.

Lastly, you will hot glue your plastic Easter eggs onto the burlap and viola – you are DONE!! It really is simple, easy and fun!

Do you make any of your own Easter decorations?

Kristina is a 30-year-old SAHMama to five princes. She loves cooking, baking, and doing fun DIYs with her kids and for her home! She resides in Gretna, Nebraska with her husband Mike, kiddos, and cat Autumn. You can check out her blog Mommy Homemaker and Sons, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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