5 Easy Meals to Bring on Your Next Kid Filled Family Camp Out


We’ve been talking a lot lately about our summer plans. While we don’t have anything set in stone yet one thing we are considering is going camping! I haven’t been camping since I was twelve years old, so I am DYING to go with my family! It’s so exciting! We have been throwing around ideas on whether we should set up tents or think about getting a caravan. I’m a little divided myself, and so is my husband. I know he talked to a coworker about getting a caravan, and he showed him this website. However, we are still undecided on the type of camping we want to do. What we are sure about is that we want our family to have good meals while we’re camping, so we’ve been trying to come up with family friendly meals we can bring with us and heat up easily on a fire out in a camp ground! After speaking to friends who are keen campers, they suggested we look into buying a dutch oven to cook our meals in. This way we can vary with the types of food we are cooking on the trip and know they will all be cooked well!

We haven’t done this camping thing as a family yet, so I am thinking back to when I did go camping and what we did! We will of course have to make larger portions, or multiple smaller portions to be able to pull it off but it’s looking like we will have some great meals at the camp ground! We always took ONE frying pan and plastic plates, cutlery and cups. With lots of bags to bring home what we’ve used after! There is always somewhere to clean up the pan so if you are going somewhere that you can do that be sure to take one, if not see about taking a mini-grill or one or two of the throw out ones you can buy cheap at the grocery!

5 Easy Meals to Bring on Your Next Family Camp Out

  • Homemade Macaroni and Cheese: Pre-made homemade macaroni and cheese is easy to make and you can make a lot of it very cheap. I plan to make a huge batch and store in foil packs until ready to heat up – then they can be heated right in the foil!
  • Scrambled Eggs with Bacon Bites: In a muffin tin create 12 scrambled eggs with bacon chunk muffins. These too can be stored in foil packs and heated the same ways as the Mac and Cheese above. Mini ones will produce more and easier for little fingers!
  • Homemade Pizza: Say wha? Yes! Pre-make your favourite homemade pizza, and freeze in slices or as a full pizza in wrap. You will need to keep it in a cooler, so check out these Outdoor Empire cooler reviews if you don’t have one. When you’re ready, heat it in a frying pan over the fire for a delicious warmed up left-over pizza type feel! When re-heating uncover top so the cheese doesn’t stick to the foil and enjoy!
  • Dinner Burritos: Homemade tortillas filled with pre-cooked meat, veggies and cheese are quick and easy to make. Store in foil and heat up over the fire in your frying pan.
  • Foil Wrapped Spaghetti: Pre-Made spaghetti is delicious when re-heated especially over a fire. The days before you leave whip up your favourite batch of spaghetti, mix with noodles and let cool – package in foil and reheated over the fire is a huge hit during camping!

We also took snacks with us that didn’t require any heating up and were good to just grab and go. They kept well in the cooler or up out of sight in a separate bag:

Easy Snacks to bring Camping

  • Homemade muffins
  • Pre-made popcorn
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Homemade cookies
  • Pre-Cut and washed Strawberries, blueberries and melon
  • Apples and Oranges
  • Crackers, Cheese and Meat pre-made in containers
  • Multiple water bottles full of water, to keep in cooler!

Avid camper? Please chime in and let me know what you bring on your camp outs! I’d love to have some more ideas and hopefully better plan our trip out!


  1. These sound like some great meals for a camp out! I wouldn’t know where to start as it has been ages since I went camping beans on toast would have been my limit so thank you.

  2. Yes to all of these!! Mac & Cheese ALWAYS goes over big with my kids…I mean, who doesn’t love mac & cheese? Excellent suggestions!

  3. This is quite interesting! I’ve never thought packing some easy meals such as these for camping. These will make “what’s for lunch/dinner” a lot easier.

  4. No burgers and hot dogs? Those are the classic camp out foods and it wouldn’t be the same without them!

  5. I would have never thought that homemade macaroni and cheese would be a good option for camping out. These are some good ideas!

  6. These are awesome suggestions. I especially like the burrito one. But, you have to have the fixings for smore’s too. It just isn’t a camping trip unless you have the smore’s!

  7. I’ve never been camping, but seen lots of movies with people camping. They always seem to have s’mores.

  8. I’m so dying to get the kids camping this year! I will definitely take note of these meals, great choices!

  9. We usually just eat hot dogs while camping out. These meals would be so much more filling (and somewhat healthier).

  10. I can’t wait being this close to cottage country means a for sure campout! These meals are making me hungry just reading them!

  11. I think its smart to bring pre-made food too on camping trips. Great ideas so the kids can still have some of their fav snacks and food while out.

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