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Give the Gift of an EatsieBox – They Put the U in YUM!

eatsietitleI’ve tried many subscription boxes over the last few years and there hasn’t been many that show up and I’m thrilled about. I get excited to see what’s in them and often after opening I’m really disappointed.

I’m very picky when it comes to food, snacks and even goodies. So usually I am disappointed when I open a box and out of 5-6 items there is only 1 thing I like inside. That has happened all too often with these boxes so when the EatsieBox showed up although I was really excited to get it open – I was nervous. This box is a little different as you can actually customize this box for yourself!

I opened the box and even though I hadn’t really read much about the box on the website before I got it, I was expecting it to be like any other box – BOY WAS I WRONG.

Not only was the box completely full with full sized items, it had so many things in it I could actually eat and enjoy.


How big is an EatsieBox?

Each EatsieBox is about the size of a small shoebox, and typically contains between 7 and 12 items, including full-size, snack-size, and sample-size items. A full-size box will contain between 1.5 and 3 POUNDS of snacks.

What kind of snacks can I expect in my EatsieBox?

Your EatsieBox is unique to you – just set up your options in My Account, and your box will contain only those types of items you selected. Our snacks are purchased in small quantities from a variety of producers, from local to international, and our inventory changes every few days!

How do I customize my EatsieBox?

EatsieBox allows you to customize the kinds of snacks you receive in your box – you tell us what you like, and we do all the hard work of picking them out! After checkout, update your preferences list in My Account to give us the thumbs-up on what kind of snacks you like. When it’s time to ship, we gather a special selection of snacks and treats – your box won’t look like anyone else’s!

*Because I was getting this box for this review I didn’t get to customize the box, but I feel as though if I had it would have been just as awesome.

eatsie1I had to hide this box so no one could get into it before I was ready to take pics. Not only did I think this was the best box I’ve received thus far so did my husband and kids!

What was inside my box:













Subscription Choices

If you are looking for a subscription box to give as a gift I’d highly recommend the EatsieBox. If you are looking to try boxes for yourself, give this one a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Please note: The EatsieBox is only available in the USA.

I was really impressed with my box and wish it was available to purchase and have delivered to me in Canada. I would love to have treats delivered to my door monthly, especially when they are ones I know I will enjoy. Being able to customize the boxes to your specific tastes is also a huge plus – and something I haven’t seen yet in any other boxes! This makes EatsieBox one of a kind, and a box I will recommend to anyone looking to have a special delivery once a month!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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