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Educational & Fun Math Activities for Kids

Educational & Fun Math Activities for Kids  -
Homeschooling has its ups and downs but what I find the most challenging and has the most downs is math.

I’ve never been very good at math, and I’ve often found if I voice that then it projects onto my kids. So, I’ve had to really button my lips and them grumbling and groaning about math has dramatically changed. I don’t hear anymore “I can’t do this!” or “this is way too hard!” before they open the books. Now they are opening their books and ready to go before I get to the table!

I believe it’s not only because I have stopped showing how much I am terrible at math but also because they are out of the school they were in which also diminished their self esteem so much.. But also, because I try not to make it too formal. I add fun to math, I add hands on activities and I try to make sure they are doing work that is not only grade level appropriate but also age, and emotionally appropriate.

What exactly does that mean? Well, my kids have been through a lot. While one may be above grade level, one may be slightly behind and one may be right on par however, they’ve been through a lot emotionally and I want to make sure I am sensitive to that so learning isn’t a chore but is something they look forward to.

Taking all of that into consideration making math more about fun education is what I’m focusing on. Unlike school where it’s no fun, forced and drive kids away I want them to embrace math, and love it like I once did (when I could remember all my multiplications and fractions without answers in the back of the book that is! )

So, I’ve got a list of 10 educational and fun math activities for kids to share! If your kids need a little bit of fun education and a little less forced, more exciting that doesn’t drive kids away you may want to take a peek at the list below!

1. Tally Marks Busy Bag
2. Alligator Math
3. Patterned Multiplication Circle
4. Sort and Count Math Bottles
5. Lego Duplo Math
6. Geometric Shapes
7. Uno Flip
8. Number Line Run
9. Fraction Connect Four
10. Stomp It Place Value

How do you keep math fun yet educational?