Elf On The Shelf: Printable Customizable Elf Memo Notes


Elf on the Shelf has become a tradition in households since 2010. We didn’t get our elf, Elfie, until December 2011 but we’ve enjoyed having him around ever since. Like I’ve mentioned a few times there are many different ways to use your Elf, and you don’t have to use it the same way everyone else does. I tend to be a little different with mine.While our Elves don’t get into things, making messes or causing a scene ours moves around the house, leaves little notes, treats, and if someone misbehaves a letter often appears reminding my kids during the holidays while it may be stressful and a bit overwhelming, we have to make sure we are being nice to others and listening to our parents!This brings me to The Elf Memos. I created these in hopes I would be able to get away with a more genuine note from the North Pole and our Elf-friends. While it may seem silly to us, our kids do pay attention and notice if things aren’t just right. This way, with a photo of the elf on the memo it has to be real, right?

Well, according to my kids – YES!

With this free printable you can write whatever you want on it. Save it, use your favorite editor to add words so your kids don’t notice your handwriting, or you can handwrite – it’s up to you! I just wanted to make sure there were a fun and creative way to make it seem a little more real to keep the magic going.


My 4 oldest kids don’t believe in Santa, or the elf any more so it’s just something fun I do for the youngest 4. My youngest is only 8 months old so we will be holding on to this tradition for a long time, and when my kids head off with their own families I plan to gift them with an Elf on the Shelf in hopes the tradition can continue with their kids (if they chose to have any) so I need to get more creative as time goes on. I have a few other Elf on the Shelf ideas up my sleeve, but for now, fun memos from the elves is a great, fun and creative way to let the kids know the Elves magic lives on, and they are watching!

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