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Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

Technology and Devices are everywhere. It’s hard to ignore and get around because everything is basically digital these days and kids? Well, there are more games, apps, and ways for them to communicate that trumps basically all other forms of play and imagination. Today, we’re sharing an app that will quickly become a favorite in your household with Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED. Do you have children between the ages of 5-11? If so, you’ll want to read on!

Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with KIDICTED™. As always, opinions are all my own.

Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

As most of you will know Jayden was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 years ago now. It’s been a process but lately, this kid has seriously made me proud. Not only has he been stepping up his game when it comes to us asking him to help out around the house like his siblings but he’s been a really great big brother to his younger sisters and has been making huge strides with his teacher when it comes to schooling! So very proud.

What does this have to do with anything you may ask? Well, for a long time it was a struggle to get Jayden to do anything beyond watch tv, play on a computer or be glued to Fortnite on the console. It still can sometimes become a challenge so when I was contacted and asked if I wanted to try out this app called KIDICTED and looked into what exactly it is – I jumped at the chance!

KIDICTED is a mobile app that inspires kids to put down their devices and play in the real world. With 56% of Canadian kids under 12 spending at least 2 hours a day on devices and 40% of those, upwards of 30+ hours a week, we know that technology is here to stay. As technically savvy as our kids are becoming, the tradeoff is huge, we are risking robbing our kids of a real-world childhood.

Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

KIDICTED was built to provide parents and kids an option on their devices around positive play to encourage kids to put down their devices. The app is focused around an Activity Library that contains dozens of activities that can be done with things found around most households. They are demonstrated by real kids with real results. Not perfect but just as they are supposed to be. Which is something Jayden pointed out right away was awesome – being able to see in real-time what he can go do to earn points in the app.

Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

So far this in the last two days Jayden has built a fort, gone outside to help shovel the driveaway, and played in the backyard with his two little brothers Jackson and Justin twice for over an hour each. Talk about proud mama moment!

Jayden’s thoughts:

“I like that it shows you how to build a fort instead of just saying … “go build a fort!” it helped me make my fort look awesome and I didn’t have to do it all on my own. Very cool.”

I found this to be incredibly helpful too. Sometimes my kids want to go play and be creative but can have a hard time either deciding on what to do, coming up with ideas or struggle to just agree on doing anything at all. With KIDICTED it makes my job as a mom easier by allowing my kids to find fun, creative things they can do (even together) without all the fighting and gives them ideas to even expand on these activities and come up with their own – something I know every mom can appreciate.

Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

KIDICTED uses technology to get kids off of technology. Yes, it is counter-intuitive. But, if you can’t beat them, join them where they are and find other ways to motivate kids to put down their devices!

More about kidicted

KIDICTED provides an option for parents to help their kids navigate between the virtual and real-world, without the daily battles over excessive screen time. Guided by Emma, an avatar and her friends, kids can watch real-life kids demonstrate simple activities to help kids PLAY, CREATE, IMAGINE, DISCOVER and CONNECT that can be done around most households. Unlike watching YouTube, at the end of each video, kids are then prompted to go “Get KIDICTED!” and do the activity themselves. The more real-world activities that kids log, the more virtual points kids earn to unlock outfits and worlds for their avatar!

Founders Michelle Gorman and Laura McLaughlin are both parents of three kids each, living the daily balance with technology. Recipients of Ontario Creates, Ontario Centres of Excellence and StartUp Canada grants as well as winners of the Kids Technology Emerging Innovators competition at the CNE, they are on a mission to help families build a tech balanced life for all of our kids.

KIDICTED isn’t just about addressing sedentary device time – it is about providing creative options to PLAY, CREATE, IMAGINE, DISCOVER and CONNECT. Something I found this app does very well for Jayden, as I knew it would. We’ve been using KIDICTED for a couple of days now and have even set Jackson up with his own account because let’s face it, Jackson and Jayden are very much the same when it comes to video games, watching tv and not really wanting to do much else. It’s a habit, a problem and something a lot of parents struggle with when it comes to kids and devices.

While my two boys are obsessed with video games, my older girls are obsessed with SnapChat, TikTok, and FaceTiming with friends. One of them is even making their own content and I might even use one of the 32 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers so I can help boost their views. Who knows maybe one-day KIDICTED will come up with something to help teens find something better to do, too! But for now, we’re going to be enjoying allowing our kids time on their devices to encourage and ignite active play in our otherwise screen glued kiddos

Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

Download the app for FREE today!

Are you ready to Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED?

KIDICTED is available on the app store for a one time fee of $5.49. Packed with activities it is well worth the download cost for the value it provides.

How would you like to download KIDICTED and get your kiddos more engaged, creative and active? Michelle and Laura have offered 50 readers to become KIDICTED insiders – click the link below to download KIDICTED for FREE!


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